Thursday, January 1, 2009

What now?

The New Year. 2009. Not much to look forward to if you read the papers like I do. More jobless people, more lost homes. It's really been kind of a depressing holiday.

When I was younger, the New Year equaled getting smashed and kissing my man at midnight. lol. Then kids came into the picture, and I don't think I've made it to midnight in about 8 years. We went over to a friends house so we could bring our kids and have their kids and be safe during the holiday. Since my new found enjoyment of "being with other people" has come to a head, I made my entire family suffer with me. I loved it. The cacaphony of sounds and the merriment of children who had no idea why there were so many people gathered. Just being happy with each other.

We came home and told the boys it was time for lights out. Daegan didn't understand why we weren't staying up until 12 to bring in the new year. I couldn't keep my eyes open, and Brian seemed to be having the same problem as I was. Disappointment all around.

It might be the pessimism for the new year that has come.

I refuse to make new year resolutions because it has been my experience that no one ever keeps them. Making promises to yourself that are out of reach never seems like a good idea to me. We have enough heartache and stress in our daily lives. Why add to it?

So....I just hope that this year my hubby finds a job. My friends and family stay happy and healthy and that we survive what will be a difficult year.

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Cari said...

I think the state of this country is clouding most of our optimism. I certainly am not at all pleased that come Monday I will be unemployed, like many others. It's hard to remain positive when you're seeing this all around.