Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mom update

There isn't one. We are still waiting for mid -May for mom's next scan to see if her daily medication is working. Minus some pain in her knees she is doing well. Spirits are still up and she is trying to stay busy. Please continue to pray for her. :) We hope that there will be no new growth and or stagnant growth on her lymphnodes and to continue on the medication for another three months. Dad is still looking up trials just in case and mom is still trying to decide on what chemo treatment to take if needed. That's all of an update I have at this time!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What's happening in a Colorado garden

Dividing. Or trying to. With these winds I have tried to work outside but keep blowing sideways. Quite a few things to divide to make the plants look their best! Shasta daisies (the great whole in the middle is a clear indication they need division ), Gallardia, or blanket flower (these suckers bloom themselves to death. Division rejuvenates them), asters (they will take over, and who doesn't want more in other places?), Yarrow (same as asters...for the most part!), Rudbeckia and Red Valerian(too close to my flagstone path. I also need to move my echinacea Magnus as it gets in my way getting out of my car. Looking at my Dianthus, too, which needs some new life. That essentially is why we divide. To breathe new life into our plants. They get too crowded where they are and their roots need breathing room.

Preparing soil. I also re-tilled my vegetable garden while adding a new product that has no poop in it! All vegetable and fruit compost. I am curious to see the results. I planted my first round of lettuce and snap peas (a little late) and am very happy with the soil.

Pulling weeds. Get 'em!! Right now they are relatively small but waiting one week could be the difference of a hand spade to a garden shovel! Every year we have little elms that try to grow, and we saw the first round this weekend.

Feeding. Fed all of my trees and shrubs and now am feeding my perennials. Lots of work, but it is worth it with our terrible soil!

Planning. Moving plants in other places to make room for more purchases this spring!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Patience, young jedi

Death of plants is no more. What a difference a week or two makes! I only had one plant in the back croak (delphinium ) and one in the front not making it. Year four on my Furman's red sage, and year three with my Vermilion Bluff sage. Both are iffy out here, but I am very happy with my results. I still have been mulching heavily in the winter, and cutting down in the spring. Also, my chocolate flower is showing life from the ground up! So excited as it is a very neat perennial. Tomorrow I will be dividing and conquering before the plants get too big. This also will allow enough time for the roots to really take hold before the heat comes. Lisa and I were looking at perennials, shrubs and such to order and I got very excited thinking about planting my herbs this year. Cilantro, thyme, Basil, oregano, dill. Mmmmm. Cannot wait! Is it Mother's Day yet? Is there something you can't wait to plant this year?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Truth smacks me in the face sometimes. I find that type works well with me. As Brian is getting more time off, I feel a need to spend time with my family more and more. I feel as if the time the boys will want anything to do with us is becoming limited and we need to grab onto the time we do have them. This is partly the reason I was hesitant to work more hours because when I am home, I am pretty exhausted. So, the idea is, with the trailer in tow, we will get away from the daily distractions. People tell you the time you have with them is short. I have stayed at home and felt like I have seen everything. However, even though they are self reliant and don't need me as much, they still have a lot of growing to do.

Which brings me to my realization. I spend too much time on my phone. My kid straight up had told me that and I ignored it. He told me he needed to talk to me and to get off my phone. Bam! This half listening thing has got to stop. So, rules for me are...phone goes in my purse for at least three hours. No checking it even if I hear the telltale sign of texts. No going to my favorite forum for awhile. Just spend the time with them. I am working four days a week which makes my weekend truly short. I want to give that time to them. I am trying this out!! Hopefully I will stick with it!