Friday, May 29, 2009

To fertilize or not to fertilize

I garden green. Or...try my very best to. Reuse a lot of pots, plant shrubs and perennials that after the first year just don't need lots of water, etc.

With all of that in mind, why would I suggest fertilizing? First off, try to grasp a fertilizer that is organic rather than bad for the Earth, birds and bees. Second, think of your trees. Now imagine them as 'happy little trees' that perform better than your neighbors. We spend so much time making compost for everything else in our gardens, but sometimes forget our trees. When you fertilize, it makes them healthier, makes them warden off disease and little critters and because of this, makes you smile because they are providing you with lots of shade during the hot, summer months.

There ARE organic fertilizers out there. Shop around at your local nurseries, they should be going organic, too.

We also tried corn glutten this year for our grass. Brian had heard about it. So far, as a weed killer and fertilizer, we've been very happy with it.

My favorite fertilizer that I use is actually an organic foliar spray called Bioform. It's got seaweed, fish emulsion, molasses and other natural ingredients to really make the tree healthy. I also use it on my roses, and they thank me every day! You can also pour it around your trees, just make sure you add's concentrated!

Happy guilt free fertilizing!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camera cleaning day!

My Monarda patch that has gone haywire this year!

FINALLY, 'Black Lace' Elder is actually doing something!!

Brian calls this the hairy testicle flower.

No name iris brought from Picadilly's gardens.

'Rare Treat' iris, not quite unfurled.

Blaming it on the cats

I went downstairs last night to do laundry and kept smelling a strong odor of pee. Our basement is not finished yet, but we have carpet pieces laying down everywhere, so I checked them all to see if the cats were using them as...uh...comfortable places to relieve themselves. I couldn't smell any pee on any of them. I then take the trash can that is buy the washer outside to the trash and dump it, and the smell (along with liquid!!) comes out in full force. Our smallest darling had decided to use the trash can as a toilet.

With several minutes of extreme protest, he finally admitted to peeing in the trashcan. He first decided to blame it on the cats (which would have been a feat that I would have loved to behold) and then realized that I wasn't going to be mad, I just wanted him to fess up and then not do it again.

Pee smell is gone, kid confessed, I won't be pissed (ha ha) at the cats. Problem solved.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Diary of a Nursery Worker

Had a woman come in saying she planted three shrubs...all of the same, all get the same water and one of them died. She wanted us to replace the shrub at no cost to her. It was, in her words, "a faulty plant". I explained to her that it IS a plant, and that plants can sometimes die. That I can buy the same three plants and one of them dies. It's part of gardening. She said it's, "our faulty plants and she wants another one. I mean, it didn't even root!" I explained to her that it takes a year for plants to become established, and not enough time had passed.


I understand it's money, and wasted. How do you guys deal with something that dies? Do you take responsibility and just know it's a part of gardening, or do you personally attack the nursery you got it from saying it's a faulty plant? Am I wrong to want to backhand this person???

I had a customer that comes in, oh, about once a week with absolutely no idea what she has in mind to buy. We generally spend at least two hours with this woman telling her what will work, won't work, and then plan her gardens for her.

I would like to tell this woman that for a fee, we could come out and design her yard, but I don't think that will go over well since she's already using a designer.

Um. Yeah.

Sunshine...please? and the fun job of car buying.

After 5 days straight of rain (which I won't complain about...really) I'm ready for the sun to work it's magic right along with the nice nitrogen that the rain brought. I won't have to water for a week. I worked half a day yesterday and then literally booked it out the door at noon because Brian and I went car shopping with the boys.

I am not great at negotiating. We weren't really ready to BUY a car yesterday, but wanting to test drive the Mazda CX9. There's a car down in Centennial that seemed to have everything we wanted (gadgets are FUN!) so we all piled in the truck and headed down. The boys loved the car and were, uh, very loud about it. Cardinal rule #1 killed: Never let the dealer know you LIKE the car. Brian had sent an email to the credit union to figure out what kind of loan we're approved for. Cardinal rule #2 killed: Have cash in hand so they can't bug you about financing!

We were so wrecked from trying to keep the boys on good behavior that I didn't get to use my stone face while talking to the dealer. I was pretty much obvious that I wanted the car, but wasn't ready to buy.

In the meantime...we found another CX9 in Longmont that is a year newer and has a lot fewer miles. Now we get to make another trip with the boys and check that one out. I'm working Tuesday, Thursday AND Friday of this week, so I'm not sure when we'll be able to go out, but at least we're really aware of the ins and outs of this car (thank you intrawebs!) and are prepared to give the dealer everything we've got.

In the meantime, last night I cleaned my van for everything it's worth and it's looks pretty good. I'll enjoy it being clean for, oh, a day...until the boys step back into it!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The past couple of days have brought lots of rain. With the rain comes the slugs. They are everywhere. I can't even have the satisfaction of throwing them on the street and letting their slimy little bodies fry because it's still overcast out. So...I've been squishing them one by one all morning. Only a fellow gardener would understand this process, and the little thrill of the killing. I'm sadistic today. My Mock Orange looks like a weeping tree at the moment with the heavy strain of rain drops. I do hope it comes back because the only reason we have kept it is for the shade on our west facing porch. It needs to be it's full 12 foot height to be any good for us!

Yesterday Brian came by to get two loads of mulch to finish the backyard. I am hoping two loads will be enough to cover the mud by my vegetable garden. With all of the weeds that have sprung, I also need to add a couple of inches around the rest of the gardens. I do not believe in weed barrier, but heavy mulch to take care of the weed seedlings. I'm thinking I need another two loads. :)

I also have 15 plants to plant today, and hope I can get to them before the BBQ at 1 pm!

I'll be working a half day tomorrow and then going car shopping with my hubby. We have decided to forego our deck this year for a new car. We have narrowed the search down to a Ford Edge, a Mazda CX9 and a Toyota Venza. I cannot fathom spending so much for a Venza, but do absolutely love the ride!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kindergarten graduation

What a great graduation ceremony. They had all four classes sing three songs, and then each pupil was handed their diploma. They then had a slideshow that included each child. I was very impressed, but this isn't new at this school. They seem to do everything right! Riordan was so happy that he is now a first grader!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No warranty? Are you crazy?

I went to another nursery the other day and was astounded that there was not a warranty on their merchandise. I mean, the warranty stated that they had good merchandise, but once it left the grounds, you were on your own.


We're talking a lot of money here, especially during these times. I just couldn't imagine getting a tree, shrub, vine, etc. without having a warranty with it.

In Colorado, we can have very, very dry winters. When selling our merchandise (especially trees) we talk about winter watering. With the dry winds and drier winters, there's a good chance you could lose your tree within the first year. We WANT your trees to survive. We want you to be happy. Who wants to plant two huge trees within two years? We understand that you just want to sit back and watch the tree grow.

Don't put up with places that don't give you a warranty. There are lots of other places that DO, and will honor it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting old and the crap that comes with it.

Oh, God, it's happened. I've gotten old. I look in the mirror and see the same person...but as I crawl into bed (more like fall) I feel every ache and pain vividly. My leg kept cramping up today like a full fledged charlie horse. Wham! I'd be with a customer and then just yell out, "Ow!" I think they might have thought I was nuts. Then I'd start hobbling around trying to massage my calve while walking. Can we say hunchback of Picadilly? My back hurts. Feet hurt. Arms hurt. I've got a bazillion mosquito bites because we haven't been able to spray yet. My fellow worker actually told me when she was scheduling that she didn't want to wear me out by scheduling me too much. She's like 12 years older than me. That felt AWESOME, let me tell you. It's like this every year when I start back up. Walking 6-10 miles per day is a killer. If I saw my legs get leaner and my ass get smaller, it might make it all worthwhile. However, when I get home, I eat like a horse to make up for the calories I just burned off and it doesn't seem to help. I truly am blessed to have my job, but I suffer for it nightly. LOL.

Thank goodness for days off so I can start feeling better and then it starts all over again!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Browsing my gardens

My baby, Emerald Arrow Bosnian Pine. To the left is the Emerald Carousel, to the right is the Autumn Magic Chokeberry.

Side border with my forsythia that I had to cut way down...hardy glads, tulips, Karl Rosenfield paeonia, and Coppertina Ninebark

Various iris that I dug up from my mother-in-laws home and that Lisa from my work gave me.

May Night salvia, Centranthus Ruber or Jupiter's Beard

My two veggie gardens just built along with major cleanup that needs to happen. Yikes! The barrel is for my raspberries...

I love sticking pots in my gardens until they get the height they will be in several years...

One of the many containers I potted up. I just LOVE this ruby red geranium!

Claire de Lune clematis. I really need to find a spot for this. It is just breathtaking.

My front garden...year three. The huge bush is actually a mock orange. I've never seen one this big. This is the first year we haven't cut it down. We're hoping for the citrus-smelling flowers in June. I think you have to actually click on the pic to see it!

Other front garden, year two.

Malva Zebrina. I came back this evening to take more pictures and something is eating it all up! :(

This is one of my favorite views. I'm in love with aspens. Thank goodness I live in Colorado!

A random purple iris. I love it that I never know what will show up each year!

Pasque flower, gone to seed. I can't decide if I love this plant with the flowers, or this way.

My first attempt at a "Steppable". It's quite taller than I thought. I can't get myself to step on it...

Linum perenne or Blue flax. My hubby's favorite!! It reseeds nicely and is quite manageable. The truest blue I can find.

Closeup of yellow iris. I'm addicted to these flowers. So graceful and elegant.

Queen of the Night tulip. I hated to see the blooms fall. I can't wait until this beauty multiplies. I received the bulbs in the mail too late in the fall and wasn't able to plant all of them.

This is a new one!

Just had someone stop by and say, "I always thought the person that lived here was old...they're the only people that have enough time to keep a garden looking this pretty!"

Um. Yeah. I guess I understand the sentiment, although I think when I'm "old" this might offend me... didn't know "old" people had so much time on their hands!!

I swear to post pics today...

Sunday, Sunday

Yesterday, Brian and I spent half the day driving around looking for half wine barrels so I could plant my raspberry bush in it. A few years ago, you could find these everywhere, but we just couldn't fine them!! We ended up driving to Denver to visit Paulino Gardens and finally found one. It's been a few years since I've been to Paulino's. Great place to stroll, but can we say holy expensive Batman! I had just told Brian I wouldn't spend more than 50 bucks on it, and we saw one for $60. I caved and then we went to the register and it was $41 and then tax. Yay! It's a nice, big one that will allow the raspberry to acheive a good size, but won't take over my garden. Have you ever grown raspberries? Yeah, it's a weed out here. I've never tried growing them in a container, and not sure how it will work. The hard part is keeping it alive until next year so I actually see a crop of raspberries! (It takes year two to yield any fruit)

We then spent the latter half of the day working on the sprinkler system so all of my newly planted shrubs and perennials wouldn't bite the dust. It was a lot of work for Brian, but it sure helps in the long run. I was iffy about how much water my shrubs took, so we might have to tweak the water usage a bit later in the season.

I still haven't found a spot for the clematis. The particular kind I got likes more shade and I just don't have a lot of shade. So...I might take it back and exchange it for a little hardier of a vine. I am in love with all clematis, I don't think it will be hard to find one that I like.

I had a couple stop by and look at my gardens. They live a couple of streets down and the white iris caught their eye. It almost glows in the dark!! They recognized me from Picadilly, and I told them my yard should have a sign that says, "Provided by Picadilly". lol. I got a side job looking at their yard and telling her what she has growing. They just moved into their house a year ago, and she's not sure what is a weed and what is a flower at this point. I think there should be a business that allows people to come to clients' houses just to tell them what they currently have growing. Hmmmm.

This is the last week of school for the boys. I'm going to Riordan's kindergarten graduation ceremony on Wednesday. He is so excited to be going to first grade next year. Corrin will be starting high school. It boggles my brain!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. What did you do?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a question

How come people KNOW when a place closes...but come in 10 minutes before closing and when you ask them if they need help they say, "Oh, we're just looking!" ?????

I believe, wholeheartedly, that every person in the world needs to work retail for at least 6 months of their lives. So, when that person gets that inkling to just stroll in 10 minutes before closing, they'll think back on their own retail experience and remember how they just wanted to close up shop after a 10 hour day...and just maybe stay home. I love the customer that comes in and says, "We know you close at 6:00...we'll be out of here quickly." and then stays for 45 minutes.

We receive phone calls all of the time around 5:30 asking when we close, and then say "6:00? AWESOME! We'll be RIGHT there!" I refuse to go into a store no later than 20 minutes to closing. And if I DO go, I know exactly what I want, go get it, and then check out.

I understand during the week that people are at work, and might need to get things after work. On Saturdays, however, I just do not understand how you could wait ALL day and then decide in the late afternoon that you MUST buy a tree, and take an hour and a half to decide what tree you want!!

If you are that type of customer, as much as I don't want to offend...please reconsider your last minute purchase. Can't it wait until the next morning?
I'm tired. Excuse my ranting.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got the news today

It's official from my mom's doctor. She is in remission. I'm ecstatic! Mom is, of course, happy to hear the news, but is wondering how to not have the word "cancer" hang over your head when there is a possibility that it'll come back. Any words of encouragement...advice?

I am so freaking happy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring blooms...all white?

As some of you know, I decided my back yard was going to have autumn color if I had to pull trees from the midwest and bring them back to me. The past couple of years I have planted several bushes JUST for their fall color, and didn't pay too much attention to the spring bloom.

All white. All of them. Serviceberry, Korean Spice Viburnum, Chokeberry, Fothergilla. Coppertina Ninebark. How utterly boring. At least each white bloom looks different!! The only difference in color is my forsythia in the spring.

Ugh, ugh and ugh again. I truly hope the fall color will make up for all that white in the spring!!! Thank goodness I have mixed spring blooming perennials between all of that white!

It Christmas

I was following my Bluestone order and knew it would be coming in today via Fed Ex. I kept checking outside, hoping to see the Fed Ex driver, but then went to my kids' field day and then was hoping the box would be sitting on my porch when I returned. As I was coming home, I saw the Fed Ex driver leaving my street and I was thinkin, "Hooray!!" Nothing. Nada. I rush in asking if Corrin had heard the doorbell and he said no. I was in a huff wondering why wouldn't they just leave the flowers on my porch?

Well, it was because they didn't stop by my house yet. LOL. They were dropped off about and hour and a half later.

I've never ordered from Bluestone before but had heard good things from a garden forum ( shout out!) and also from my father, so I wanted to try them. I was pretty impressed they were able to stuff 8 plants in such a small box. Some of the plants were pretty bent which I wasn't happy about, but all seemed to be slightly damp and the sizes were bigger than what I was expecting. All in all, I was happy with the purchase.

So what did I do? Went to Picadilly and bought MORE plants. I know, I've got a problem. My friend Lena thinks I need to tell my employer to tell ME I can't get anymore. Like a bartender telling the drunk, "you're done".

I am happy to say that after buying an outstanding 'Claire De Lune' clematis, Aronia melanocarpa 'Autumn Magic' Chokeberry (my mission this year has been to keep the birds happy...and they will with the chokeberry and serviceberry), Indian Summer raspberry, a replacement coreopsis (this will be my third try in this location, but a different type so wish me luck), Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Avalanche' - Variegated Feather Reed Grass (we sell Karl Foerster, and I wanted to be different with the variegation...ha), and the much anticipated St. Mary's broom that I talked in a previous post. Add this to the four types of plants that I got from Bluestone, guess what I did today??? I wanted to get them in the ground so then Brian and I could work on the misters and drip lines so I don't have to hand water my backyard gardens anymore. I think I'm pretty much done buying this year unless something catches my eye that I can't say no to. I bought the clematis thinking I had a cool foot spot, but when looking more closely, the iris that I have planted haven't quite made the shade that I thought they did. I'll hold onto it for awhile, hoping an idea comes to me later. I will be returning 'Love' Rosa. It was supposed to be a red and white rose, but as it bloomed it's this electric pink. No thanks, it just doesn't belong anywhere. It's a pretty rose, but hardly any smell, and without the red, it's not meant to be.

Working tomorrow, hopefully we'll be busy so the 10 1/2 hours go by quickly!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You all might think I'm crazy

This past month has been difficult. With Corrin home everyday and supposively working, I have to keep an eye on him at all times. He continuously is not doing the work that he is supposed to do and I am very tired of having to remind him to do it. Schoolwork or die, kid. Schoolwork or die.

Today, I told him I'm not nagging him anymore. (Well, Brian told him we wouldn't nag anymore).

I'm ready for this school year to be over (this is the part where you tell me I'm crazy). I'm still only working Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's at Picadilly, but the days that I do work are so hectic. I'm ready to have a couple of days a week where I'm not running around in the mornings trying to get all of the stuff that I need to get done...done. Getting the boys ready for school, breakfast made, dog fed, watering plants, emptying dishwasher, doing a load of's enough to make me ill.

Summer should be fun. I plan on taking the boys swimming quite a bit because Riordan still needs lots of practice. We have more kids on the block, so hopefully Daegan will have plenty of friends to choose from to play with daily rather than just hoping his one friend is available. i know the boys will be fighting constantly, but will be using the "get outside!!" that my own mother used on me when I was a child. Hey, I survived and am tougher because of it..heh, heh.

I think I just need a couple of days off from doing anything, but I'm realistic and I know that can't happen during this time of year!!

Laundry, anyone?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boys and blessings

On this day I usually go out with my mom and we buy annuals. It's what we have done for the past 4-5 years. We hit Home Depot and then the Flower Bin, load our cars up with flowers, and then have lunch afterwards. Even though I'll miss that this year, I'm very excited for what will happen today. Mom and dad are coming over and watching the boys help me plant my garden. I'm not sure how the boys feel about that (work? ahhhh, MOM!) but they will do it because I told them that's what I want to happen today.

As I think about all of my pregnancies, and the fact that I have three boys, I marvel at how far I've come in my mommy process of not having a little girl. Since my mother and I are so close, I wanted a little girl...BADLY. But as I am around little girls with their squealing as younger children, and their attitudes as teenagers, I believe God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with three sons.

Bodily functions make me laugh. I am the worst at NOT laughing when one of my son's fart at the table. It's hilarious. We are trying to teach them to be polite, but the sound of a good rip on our wooden chairs always makes me laugh. This is the same when they burp. I have to control myself to not say, "GOOD ONE!" I, myself, am always proud of a good, long, loud burp.

I do not have to worry about them getting into my closet and stealing my clothes. Enough said.

They don't worry about getting their nails dirty while working with me in the garden.

When they get hurt, all I have to say is, "Are you bleeding...dying? If not, suck it up!" Usually this ends the crying. This doesn't work on little girls from my own experiences.

I can watch action movies and my boys enjoy them.

Little block-like things that snap together can provide hours of entertainment.

Guitar Hero World tour is a family event.

They are fine with wearing the same pair of jeans more than once.

Color coordinating? Yeah, what's that?

When I get a kiss from my eldest, it's like a prize to me. He's at the age where it's cool to ignore the parentals.

They can lift heavy things for me.

Killing spiders is a work of art.

They all want to marry someone exactly like me. (I'm sure this is only temporary)

They don't care if I leave the house looking like death warmed over.

Yeah, life is good!!

*Disclaimer* I'm sure having little girls has it's benefits, too. I have convinced myself I don't need one.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today I told myself I would rest, but it didn't quite work out that way! I ended up going to the store, paying bills, doing some laundry and then heading to Picadilly to get "some annuals". I just planned on getting some for one pot (which I did) but I also ended up buying quite a few perennials and grasses that I have been looking at since March. I was teased mercilessly from my co-workers that I can't stay away.

I wasn't smart today and forgot to put sunscreen on so I can already feel pain in my shoulders. Breaking in the skin for the summer, I guess. I've been very good the past couple of years, but always seem to burn the first time!!

After planting today, and deciding what I'm going to put in a large spot that is in my front, I'll start taking pictures of the gardens. My backyard is pretty boring, because everything is very small, but I'm anxious to start keeping track of sizes, when I planted and compare to two to four years from now.

Brian and I had been planning on putting a water feature in a corner of our backyard, but after thinking about it for awhile, I figured it would be too far from where our deck is going to be, and the sound would be lost. So, I will be tagging a Pinus leuc. (heldreichi) 'Mint Truffle' Bosnian Pine to put in that corner so we have some constant green in the back yard since everything else is decidious. This type of bosnian pine has very dense foliage with inward curving branches so it will be perfect. I'm also interested in a dwarf spruce called, Picea pungens 'St. Mary's Broom'. It only gets 30"x30" and is great for the smaller places in my gardens that happens to be right up against my grass. I'll put this in front of some ornamental grasses that I have planted. I have a hard time paying the price for this specialty shrub (a whopping 80 bucks!) but since I'm winding down on purchasing this year, I guess I can splurge.

I have a few more things to plant on Friday, and then on to my vegetable garden on Sunday!! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I went to Target today and started to browse through the Happy Mother's Day cards that are prominently on display. I read through them, getting a bit teary eyed with some, snorting at others...but none of them said what I feel right at this time in my life. If I had a card written by Hallmark, for a daughter who thought she could have lost her mother this year...but was given more time it would say,


I was reading through all of the Happy Mother's Day cards and even though they seemed sweet, and certainly said wonderful things...a huge part was missing. My sincere and deep gratitude for having you alive. Today.

7 months ago we got news of cancer, and that it was bad. I look back on the day with reeling emotions because although I tried not to think of death, it was heavy on my mind. All I could think about was how would I ever make it without you in my life? During my childhood to my growing up and having my own children, you have always been there for me. Through the pregnancy, and my wedding, through having three boys and the laughs, terrors and jitters that brings. Through the good times and the bad, we have remained best friends. I never thanked you enough for being home everyday so I could be safe with you after school. Thanks would never be enough for all of the sacrifices you made so we could attend recitals, plays, softball, youth group events. All of it was because of you. I truly believe an award should be handed to you for all that you have gone through these past months, and how you can still laugh and hope that life will be the same once all this is over. You are my hero. No one ever could measure up.

The thought of me trying to live a life fully without you is incomprehensible. I thank God every day that you are still here in my life. In two weeks, we hope to hear "remission". I cannot wait until we have another 34 years of life together as best friends.

I love you, mom.

Happy Mother's Day


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Waiting time

I was lucky enough to go and visit my parents yesterday for about four hours. Mom is doing pretty good. Even though she doesn't feel great, her spirits are higher. It's because she knows she's done! We talked of eating steaks and salads and hopefully celebrating her "birthday"...which is day one of remission. Mom has her CT Scan on Thursday, and then in two weeks she'll have her CA125 results. If the scan looks good and her numbers went down, they should give us the good news. With the way the numbers have been going, and the fact the treatments seem to be working, dad and I figure her CA125 number should be at 11. It's going to be a long two weeks to hear that number!

We then talked about mom continuing her Avastin trial (if it is, indeed, Avastin) and other options that might be coming up in other trials. Most importantly, we talked about getting her strength up because she is so weak. The prayers seem to be and dad seem to be getting along well. I thank you so much for all of your thoughts! I promise I will let you know the results as soon as they come in.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I've been bad...

or is it good? Went to Picadilly on my day off to add to my collection. I've been eyeing the Peonies for weeks. I just HAD to get one for my front gardens. I'm still deciding if that's what I want growing just on the other side of my deck, or to mix it up with other things. I have to see the size of the deck and what the sunlight will be like once it is up before making my mind up.

Here is the Peony I just bought.

Paeonia Karl Rosenfield

I also am starting my vine collection to add height to my backyard gardens. I bought the Shiro Bana Akebia which has beautiful foliage that rises up, up and up some more with white flowers that smell like chocolate in the spring!

In front of my Amur Maple that doesn't grow much directly from the ground, but on upper branches, I wanted some instant color to look at when I'm in my kitchen, so I picked the Homerun roses that are very disease and mildew resistant. Blooms are incredible red from late spring until fall.

I then was talking to my boss about wanting some beautiful vines (clematis, climbing roses, wisteria, etc.) and he told me to grab the climbing hydrangea that doesn't sell well because it needs to be planted and doesn't show a lot of growth in a pot. The climbing hydrangea takes 3-5 years to really get going, but once it does, watch out!! Covered in hydrangea blossoms with fantastic foliage...and isn't scared of the sun. The best was FREE!! Hey, I can be patient when it's free!

Lastly, I bought a the 'Golden Carousel" barberry that is electric chartreuse during the spring and summer, and then changes to multiple colors in the fall. I fell in love with it last fall, but was afraid to plant that one late. It also will go in the backyard...After looking up pics on line, there just isn't any pictures to do this plant justice.

With weather being rainy off and on today and tomorrow, I probably won't get to planting these until Monday. Which is fine, since it's closer to Mother's Day no frost zone. I told you I was impatient!! Pretty soon I'll invite you all over to see what's been planted. May is always a fun time to stroll around...but I know Brian wants his grass to look better before there is any strolling at all. The boys' high traffic playing football has slowed a lot of the growth, and the dog's urine has not helped any. Thank goodness for a slow spring to help it dig it's roots in.

Next weekend...planting my veggies on Mother's Day with my boys! :)

Fantastic news

Mom had her CA125 test results come back yesterday, and the number is.....

Wait for it....

Now, remember...she had the last chemo on Wednesday, so they'll take another test in three weeks to see what her numbers are.

Please pray for mom and dad to be able to do this last one. I will be able to go over to mom and dad's house on Sunday it looks like, so that will give them the break they need. Both are worn out, both are having cabin fever, and both are driving each other crazy. Pray that they might have some time to themselves after this is all done (I mean away from each other...ha ha) and then have the heart grow fonder and all of that. Mom's talking about going to visit her sister in St. Louis, and dad's talking about going to his reunion in August. A nice break for the both of them.