Saturday, August 21, 2010


Lately, i have been rethinking staying at home.  When initially making the decision, a lot of things were weighed. less money to do fun things. it would take longer to remodel our home. the house we buy would be smaller so we lived within our means.
i go back and forth because lately, the boys are wanting more and more. a new room they don't have to share. a laptop. things that cost money. we can no longer please them with a package of hot wheel cars.

it always comes down to material things.

i made a choice to be home for my kids. so if they call me from school because they are sick, i can be there in two minutes. if they had a rough day, i am there for them to talk to about it.

is it more important for me to be here when they need me? to have seen every tear, every first milestone, everything??? for me, yes. i wouldn't have changed anything. we all make choices about what is best for our families. mine is to continue to be home. I don't want to miss a thing.