Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mom update

There isn't one. We are still waiting for mid -May for mom's next scan to see if her daily medication is working. Minus some pain in her knees she is doing well. Spirits are still up and she is trying to stay busy. Please continue to pray for her. :) We hope that there will be no new growth and or stagnant growth on her lymphnodes and to continue on the medication for another three months. Dad is still looking up trials just in case and mom is still trying to decide on what chemo treatment to take if needed. That's all of an update I have at this time!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What's happening in a Colorado garden

Dividing. Or trying to. With these winds I have tried to work outside but keep blowing sideways. Quite a few things to divide to make the plants look their best! Shasta daisies (the great whole in the middle is a clear indication they need division ), Gallardia, or blanket flower (these suckers bloom themselves to death. Division rejuvenates them), asters (they will take over, and who doesn't want more in other places?), Yarrow (same as asters...for the most part!), Rudbeckia and Red Valerian(too close to my flagstone path. I also need to move my echinacea Magnus as it gets in my way getting out of my car. Looking at my Dianthus, too, which needs some new life. That essentially is why we divide. To breathe new life into our plants. They get too crowded where they are and their roots need breathing room.

Preparing soil. I also re-tilled my vegetable garden while adding a new product that has no poop in it! All vegetable and fruit compost. I am curious to see the results. I planted my first round of lettuce and snap peas (a little late) and am very happy with the soil.

Pulling weeds. Get 'em!! Right now they are relatively small but waiting one week could be the difference of a hand spade to a garden shovel! Every year we have little elms that try to grow, and we saw the first round this weekend.

Feeding. Fed all of my trees and shrubs and now am feeding my perennials. Lots of work, but it is worth it with our terrible soil!

Planning. Moving plants in other places to make room for more purchases this spring!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Patience, young jedi

Death of plants is no more. What a difference a week or two makes! I only had one plant in the back croak (delphinium ) and one in the front not making it. Year four on my Furman's red sage, and year three with my Vermilion Bluff sage. Both are iffy out here, but I am very happy with my results. I still have been mulching heavily in the winter, and cutting down in the spring. Also, my chocolate flower is showing life from the ground up! So excited as it is a very neat perennial. Tomorrow I will be dividing and conquering before the plants get too big. This also will allow enough time for the roots to really take hold before the heat comes. Lisa and I were looking at perennials, shrubs and such to order and I got very excited thinking about planting my herbs this year. Cilantro, thyme, Basil, oregano, dill. Mmmmm. Cannot wait! Is it Mother's Day yet? Is there something you can't wait to plant this year?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Truth smacks me in the face sometimes. I find that type works well with me. As Brian is getting more time off, I feel a need to spend time with my family more and more. I feel as if the time the boys will want anything to do with us is becoming limited and we need to grab onto the time we do have them. This is partly the reason I was hesitant to work more hours because when I am home, I am pretty exhausted. So, the idea is, with the trailer in tow, we will get away from the daily distractions. People tell you the time you have with them is short. I have stayed at home and felt like I have seen everything. However, even though they are self reliant and don't need me as much, they still have a lot of growing to do.

Which brings me to my realization. I spend too much time on my phone. My kid straight up had told me that and I ignored it. He told me he needed to talk to me and to get off my phone. Bam! This half listening thing has got to stop. So, rules for me are...phone goes in my purse for at least three hours. No checking it even if I hear the telltale sign of texts. No going to my favorite forum for awhile. Just spend the time with them. I am working four days a week which makes my weekend truly short. I want to give that time to them. I am trying this out!! Hopefully I will stick with it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The death of plants

It seems I have lost quite a few of my perennials over the winter. I am not sure if it is because of the dry fall, dry and cold winter, or dry spring (are you seeing a pattern here?) Just proves that you really have to hand water to keep them alive here in Colorado.

Most of the items I lost were from smaller containers, and planted later in the growing season. In my experience, the gallon size perennials seem to have a higher success rate than the 2 or 3 inch. I also tried chocolate flower and am very disappointed that that one doesn't seem to be coming back. I just have to tell myself that it's early, and to give them a little more time to sprout from the ground. The one that I am MOST surprised that didn't come back was my Jacob's Kline Monarda. I have NEVER had problems with Monarda coming back (invasive, anyone?) and am extremely disappointed because I have to order that one online. Again, I am guessing it is a dryness issue since Monarda likes it a little damp.

I had almost convinced myself that I would limit my plant spending this year as I wanted to see how everything was filling out. Since I keep adding year to year, a lot of my plants are on second and third years, and will be a true joy to behold. I keep getting magazines of these lush, beautiful gardens and would love that look. Obviously, I need to add more shrubs to my gardens for the greenery. I also need to move to a place that isn't quite as arid. ;)

I am happy to note that even though I didn't water ONCE, my raspberry in my large wine barrel is alive and well. This should be the year we get fruit on it, so I am glad it survived my neglect. I highly recommend planting your raspberries in a wine barrel because it keeps it contained and doesn't seem to be fussy.

Did any of you lose anything this year? It's like saying goodbye to an old friend. It makes me melancholy. However, when I am at work, I tend to get over the sadness quickly because there is always another beautiful plant to replace the old one!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What should I be planting?

With the warmer weather upon us, the avid gardener is itching to put his/her hands in the dirt. It's still too early to plant a lot, but you can start on your vegetable gardens!

Here's a list of things that you can start:
Broccoli, cabbage, onion, garlic, lettuce, peas, radish, spinach, turnips and brussel sprouts! All are very frost tolerant and can be planted with a sigh of contentment.

As time is heading towards April, you can get ready to plant:
beets, carrots, parsley, perennial herbs (personally, I would cover these), parsnips, potatoes, swiss chard, asparagus and rhubarb.

Have fun planting! If you have any questions on what does better started indoors or out, let us know, but I have direct sown all of these vegetables with no problems...as long as I keep them moist! With hand watering, it's sometimes harder to do.

You can, of course, plant trees anytime. At Picadilly, we have tons of bareroot trees and shrubs for your picking! Come by and see us!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Note to anyone who thinks differently

I, as a stay-at-home mom, do NOT sit on my ass all day waiting for 1)a phone call, 2) the mail 3) my favorite t.v. show to come on. My life is too busy for all three.

Just want that out there. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I find being human has quite a few challenges. One being forgiveness, especially when the person hasn't asked to be forgiven, or refuses to acknowledge they have done anything wrong. I can't see in their hearts and know that for certain, but if there isn't any type of language asking for forgiveness...I have a hard time forgiving. Personal accountability and all of that.

I have been dealing with some fun things in my life for several years and it has reached its head fully the past couple of months. It has kept me up at nights. Causing dreams that make me want to have my head examined. Causing anxiety in an already anxious time.

I went to church on Sunday and listened to the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It spoke of the father's forgiveness towards his son. It also spoke of the older brother and how he also had to forgive. It then spoke of the younger son, and his asking, no BEGGING for forgiveness in his heart, but his father forgiving him on sight. It resonated through me. I prayed with everything I had to soften my heart. Soften. Cleanse it.

Am I supposed to forgive only if the person asks for it? What if they don't want my forgiveness? What if they don't think they have done anything wrong? I am sure I have hurt people in my lifetime unknowingly and would want them to forgive me for my actions, my ever so tactless tongue.

The Bible says in so many ways that we are commanded to forgive. That should be enough. To keep asking for help to forgive, to keep forgiving, because God forgives us. So, I am putting it out there, whether you want it or not. I forgive you. I am tired of the bickering, the heated discussions, the problems. I ask that you forgive my words and actions from bitterness. Let us both have the grace to forgive each other as we are commanded to do. And let's be honest with our own hearts and if we still carry hostility, to keep praying for freedom!!

Ephesians 4:32 ESV
Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Luke 6:37 ESV
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

Colossians 3:13 ESV
Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.

Matthew 6:14-15 ESV
For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Mark 11:25 ESV
And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

Luke 6:27 ESV
“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,

Luke 17:3-4 ESV
Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him, and if he sins against you seven times in the day, and turns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ you must forgive him.”

Matthew 18:21-22 ESV
Then Peter came up and said to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven.

1 John 1:9 ESV
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 Peter 3:9 ESV
Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing.

Matthew 6:14 ESV
For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As it's snowing outside, I am just telling myself to go around and look at my gardens to see splashes of color here and there. My crocuses are up, and my bulbs are peeking through the ground. Is it spring yet?? I am so ready for it this year!!

Brian and I have had a busy weekend. We've been getting our trailer essentials and loading them in. After a wonderful trip to Target, we are now set with dishes. Since I keep everything, all of our bedding is set. There are just a few more items, and then we are ready for our first trip. I am hoping it warms up a little more before we head out! Destination...not sure yet. We are thinking Boyd Lake, but haven't made up our minds.

We get to have dinner over at mom and dad's. Since I worked the past few weeks, I haven't had time to visit much with them. A couple of Sunday's ago I went to listen to my father preach and then had lunch with them afterward. It was nice to see them and just spend time with them. I miss them a lot.

Ah. Work. It's going well. I started earlier than I usually do and potted up hundreds of roses in a short time. About 120-125 in one day. I will be having down time because a coworker is back, so I am going to try to keep using my muscles so they don't go in shock again. It would be a lot easier if it were warm!! Not sure what my schedule will be like. It's all up in the air right now, just like every year.

Things to pay attention to in your gardens. With the warmer weather this week, I would water again (of course) and about day 3 of warm weather, you can even fertilize. March-April is when I normally do it, but you can wait until May. I just noticed that when I fertilize a little earlier, the bugs seem to stay away more often. A healthier tree they do not like!! Also, make sure your iris beds are cleaned up. This is the time where fungus and bugs start going crazy. Pretty much clean up is starting...just keep the mulch around things that the cold air could hurt. I still don't prune my roses until April-May.

This weekend I will be planting spinach, beans, onions and lettuce and different intervals to get started on the crops. So excited to have fresh produce again!!

Here's to a happy, work filled spring! I can feel it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our new baby

Brian has been wanting a trailer for us to be able to go on more vacations. We have had several years where we have been working on the house, and now it's time to venture out as a family. First trip? My family reunion in Missouri. We are also hoping to camp at the Ozark's if Brian and I can get the extra time off.

After looking around, I started to get excited. No more windy days blowing through the pop up camper. Now, I loved my in-laws pop up. It allowed us to go camping when the boys were small, and it was a lot of fun. As the boys are getting bigger, however, we are on each other with every step. Having a 6'4" tall son makes this even more important. Gotta spread out! This unit allows us to move around a bit. It's a Jayco 29BH which means it's 29' long and has bunks in it. A bunk in the back with twin on top and double on bottom. A large couch that folds out to a bed and the queen on the other side. Comes with shower, toilet and sink along with a kitchen. Could sleep 9 if really needed. It had everything we wanted except an outside grill, which I am sure Brian will be looking at soon. :)

I AM SO EXCITED!!! We get to bring her home on Friday! These are the dealership photos. I am sure I will be taking more. lol

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update Doc #2

Sorry for taking my time to post. I was very fortunate to have my hubby home for four days in a row and made the most of it.

Mom and dad went to meet with Dr. Mary Jo and although a scary meeting for mom, it did shed a little more light on the subject. To put it frankly, surgery is out of the question right now. With the cancer ready to attach onto anything, it's better for it to stay with the lymph nodes rather than move on to other places like lungs and such. So...as of now...no surgery.

Mom will continue to stay on the pill she is taking. We can pray that that will work. How wonderful if she gets her scan and the cancer has diminished!!

They also heard of certain chemo plans that might work better or have less long lasting side effects. Again, a lot of decisions to be made, but as time goes on we fear less about the cancer being back and are now just trying to calm mom's heart about the upcoming chemo (if needed). We worry of neuropathy as mom already has issues with her MS and numbness in fingers and feet when it rises.

I still ask for constant prayer for my mom to not only be healed, but to calm her anxiety. She is really struggling with it. The medicine she is on doesn't seem to be helping all that much. I will be calling her later today and hoping it has curbed a little. Those that deal with anxiety know how it can take over.

Not much more to update than that.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update for doc #1

Mom and dad met with the oncologist yesterday. Not a lot of info was gleaned from the conversation. We found out there were several lymph nodes enlarged (15-30%). None of them are on vital tissue, organs or any other place. Which makes it easier if mom chooses surgery to remove them.

Mom now has decided NOT to do the IP. I talked to dad briefly, and not mom, so I don't know what happened there...if the doctor didn't think it would be more beneficial, or if the doctor said it was extremely hard on the body. Doesn't matter...she's not doing it.

So now, dad and the doctor are looking at a clinical trial in Denver to make sure the medication mom is currently on won't keep her out of the trial. It looks like we still have to wait until 3 months for the pet scan, and for more time in between the chemo treatments. However, mom and dad will meeting with another doctor on Friday, and we might hear more from her. There are other clinical trials throughout the country, too, that dad is looking at. It all matters what is most beneficial and what could yield the best results. Avastin was brought up, because her oncologist has seen good results from the usage of it.

I talked to mom yesterday before her appointment and she sounds good. I tell you people, prayer works. Her spirits were a LOT higher. She wants to fight, she doesn't want to die. She said she needs to hear positive thinking. I would suggest to NOT have the words, "I'm sorry" come out of your mouth if you talk to her. I know it's easy for it to spill (because you ARE sorry!!) but focus on what's next...and keep her busy. She's going to have a few months to have to sit and wait.

I am most sad that it sounds like mom and dad's Scotland trip has been temporarily put on hold. It's all in the timing. Last chemo, the last two treatments were very hard and took longer to bounce back. If she starts in June, it's getting close to the September mark for her final treatments.

As for me and how I am dealing...need to go to the doctor for anxiety. My stomach is upset all of the time. Just anxious and not feeling all that great. As time goes on, I am hoping it will get easier. I just don't know.

Keep praying!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dog Days

FINALLY! Found a woman's voice that I love. I don't know if you were able to watch the Grammy's last night, but Florence sang with four other women a tribute to Aretha Franklin. Just an incredible voice, and I haven't been able to stop listening to this song since last week!! Florence + The Machine "Dog Days Are Over" The video is a LITTLE strange, but I sure enjoy her voice!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Not good news

As some of you have heard, mom's cancer is back. NOT with a vengeance ...we are glad that she has been getting the scans more often because of the clinical trial. However, you have to treat it fast as it is so quick at spreading. The cancer is located on a lymphnode located in her stomach. The initial procedure is giving mom a drug that is an estrogen prohibitor similar to what breast cancer patients have to take. After three months, they will take another scan. In the meantime, that allows more time between chemo sessions which has been proven to work better with more time in between. Mom and dad will be meeting with mom's oncologist on Monday and getting a second opinion from the surgeon who did mom's initial surgery in 2009 on Friday. Both women are very knowledgeable about ovarian cancer and mom.

After some reeling, mom is ready for action. When given the diagnosis of PPC, the oncologist suggested mom do the IP chemo treatment. Essentially, that is chemo directly going to her midsection (where the cancer is) rather than through all of blood stream. Mom said no to this at first but now is on board.

I would ask that you pray for these things specifically :

1) Allow the doctors to use their knowledge of mom and her personality to offer all that is available.
2) Calm my mom's heart, anxiety and shower her with support.
3) As my dad does all the research, let him and mom speak frankly to each other. When fear is involved, emotions can get in the way.
4) Pray for mom, dad, me, and all of our loved ones. Let us lift mom up, encourage her and be there for each other
5) if it is God's will, please heal my mother.

More updates will be posted. The knowledge is still new and we are dealing with it the best way we can.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Phone call

Mind reeling, going to places I don't want it to go. So worried and am praying non stop. Angry, confused, frustrated, and so impatient for more information. The waiting for the phone call is always the worst.

Kind of wish I went to my classes today but know how my mind works. I would have been useless.

I wish she would call.

Friday, February 4, 2011

12 days AFTER Christmas

It's been cold. And snowy. Two things that TOGETHER make it very hard to deal with. The boys have had no school because of the temps, and I can't kick them out because when I say very cold...I mean one day we had a high of 0. Negative 25 with wind chill. It's been an...entertaining week!

So, here's a wrap up:

12 loads of laundry
11 games of Hangman
10 days of whining
9 fights to break up
8 meals to cook
7 degrees, it's warming!
6 days of freezing
5...inches of snow!
4 daily school trips
3 rowdy boys
2 frozen pipes
and a mom stuck in the house!!!

More snow is on it's way! I will venture out because we have an actual high that makes sense today. Time to stock up on the food. Who knew that a quarter of Brian's checks would go to groceries with three boys in the house?!?

If you are in the other 1/3 of our country that the weather has made time stand still, stay warm and safe!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It hasn't stopped, the fear

Mom goes in for her CA125 and Pet scan today. Every three months, like clockwork. I really, really try to be optimistic, but know we all will be devastated to hear bad news. She decided to go in today so she could hear results tomorrow and not have to wait the weekend. I also appreciate that. I can't stand the waiting game.

I, along with other cousins, have been coordinating our reunion for this year. It had been mentioned to maybe put it off for another year because it was getting hard to find a place. In the back of my mind, no matter how much I tried not to listen to it, was the thought that we might not HAVE another year. Make the time important! Make it happen!! So, we made it happen and will all be gathering in June.

I don't think of the cancer daily. I can go several days without thinking of it. However, when I hear that a friend's cancer came back, it hits me like a ton of bricks. When I have friends dying, it brings me to tears for so many reasons.

I hate cancer.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A question NOT to ask your spouse ie. "loaded questions"

So, we're sitting around the dinner table, talking about a show called The Walking Dead. There is the main character, his wife and his best friend. We find out that the wife thought the main character (her hubby) had died and then starts to sleep with his best friend. Okay. I get it (sorta). Sadness. End of the world as we know it. Not sure how much time has passed so we'll let this go.

By season 6, we find out that somewhere between 30-45 days went by before she slept with her hubby's best friend. What? That can't be right. I don't like the main character's wife anymore....especially when we find out that the main character finds his wife, son AND best friend with other survivors...and no one says anything. No one comes clean. Boooooo.

So, I am talking about this, at dinner, and Brian says, "It's the apocalypse. Give her a break." Needing to argue for whatever reason and because in 16 years I've never asked, I ask, "Well how long would YOU wait until after I died to either meet someone else, or you know...do the deed? Never mind the apocalypse. How long?"

He says, "It would depend."

WHAT????? Stop the press. I'm pissed already. But, instead of ending it there, I say, "Well, I'd be willing to give you, oh, you know, 90 days to grieve."

He then says, "Each person grieves differently. I don't know how long it would take, but you're being ridiculous on giving a set time."

I left the table. lol

This is how I heard it. "I don't love you enough to know for certain that I would grieve for a long time."

This is what I was hoping he would say, "It would take a very long time to stop grieving for you. I don't know how long, but just the idea of you dying makes a tear come to my eye. I wouldn't even THINK of dating anyone else. For quite awhile."

Women. Why do we ask these questions that really, there is no right answer? Hence...loaded question. I wouldn't want him to grieve forever. I would want him to find someone else...eventually. I just wanted to know that the loss of me would be devastating. He didn't answer it wrong. I heard it wrong.

After being extremely pissed all that night and then most of the day (Brian had the Friday off) we finally talk about it again and said the "right" things.

Don't ask questions that you aren't sure how they are going to answer.

Here's a list:

What really happened at your bachelor party?
Do you think I need to lose a little weight?
Am I turning out like my mom?

Please feel free to add more. :P

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stay-at-home moms: RETHINK!


We had wonderful times together, my sons and I. The parks. The beaches. The swing set moments when I would realize, watching the boys swoop back and forth, that someday these afternoons would seem to have rushed past in nanoseconds, and I would pause, mid-push, to savor the experience while it lasted.

Now I lie awake at 3 a.m., terrified that as a result I am permanently financially screwed.

As of my divorce last year, I'm the single mother of two almost-men whose taste for playgrounds has been replaced by one for high-end consumer products and who will be, in a few more nanoseconds, ready for college. My income -- freelance writing, child support, a couple of menial part-time jobs -- doesn't cover my current expenses, let alone my retirement or the kids' tuition. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of two teenagers must be in want of a steady paycheck and employer-sponsored health insurance.

My attempt to find work could hardly be more ill-timed, with unemployment near 10 percent, with the newspaper industry that once employed me seemingly going the way of blacksmithing. And though I have tried to scrub age-revealing details from my résumé, let's just say my work history is long enough to be a liability, making me simultaneously overqualified and underqualified.

But my biggest handicap may be my history of spending daylight hours in the company of my own kids.

(Read the rest in the url)

Interesting read. It made my blood boil in parts but she made good points in others.

Here's what I have to say about it.

First off, the most noticeable. We are in a recession. She isn't the only one who has been having a hard time getting a job. Is it because she stayed at home for 14 years, or because she's a freelance writer trying to get a job...during a RECESSION. We won't know because there are too many other factors going on.

I do know that when I applied for a job 4 almost 5 years ago, that I was hired the same day, with no Nursery experience but with a love for plants and a knowledge to back it up. I know that I had been a stay at home mom for 6 years prior. I know that the company I work for now would have more people to choose from and could be pickier, and I know there's a chance I wouldn't have gotten the job now if they were hiring. Does it have to do with my being a stay at home mom? Absolutely not.

I do know that telling people to continue to work part time is a good idea, IMO. Whether it be from home, or a few hours a week, allow something on your resume if you decide to go back to work. Although stay at home moms work their butt off, it's still good to be in the work field.

The idea that the NEED for stay at home moms is not there anymore and that more are choosing NOT to stay at home...could this ALSO be because of the economy? Just because the numbers are down doesn't mean the want isn't there to stay at home, it could mean that people can't afford to live without two people working.

She talks about how she is divorced and has nothing and that there is no money for her kids school. This is about planning, or in her case, the lack thereof. No one plans to get divorced, and I am not naive in thinking that "it will never happen to me" (if you divorce me, love, I am kicking your ass) but I am also of the opinion that if you have marital struggles, you do something about it. You go to counseling, you make time for each other, you communicate and you are a good spouse. I don't know what happened between her and her husband, but I am not an advocate of divorce. I am also not a fan of marrying an asshat who doesn't help support her kids. Being a single parent is hard, regardless if you had been a stay-at-home mom or not. Plan, that's all I am saying. If it's not divorce, it's the possibility of your spouse losing his/her job, or worse...dying.

The thing that upsets me the most is the way it seems she is blaming her kids and raising them on her troubles right now. I would hate for her kids to read this, and see the guilt that they feel that mom isn't feeling like a winner right now...and hey, she thinks it's THEIR fault. Awesome. Being a parent (stay-at-home or not) is about sacrifices. You don't get to go out as often, you don't get to buy the newest and greatest car, your friends might slowly start dwindling because they DON'T GET IT. It happens. To me, it's worth it. Everything is WORTH it. I am a parent and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Here's the deal: I believe that kids can be perfectly fine growing up in day care. I do. I just choose to raise my kids the way I want to. I choose NOT to have someone else raise them. I choose to live a life a little differently than others who choose to work. I never judge anyone who makes the choice to work over the choice to stay at home. I figure we, as moms, need to stick together and support each other because either way, being a mom is HARD. No matter how you slice it.

Also, whoever came up with the term "opted out" when it comes to stay-at-home-moms...screw you.

What do you think?

Friday, January 7, 2011

16 years


How did time pass so quickly?

Happy Anniversary, my love.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dry Winter

Your hands are dry. Hair has static. Can't touch anything in your house without getting zapped. You must live in Colorado in the winter!

So, you put lotion on for your dry body, conditioner on your hair, and...still get zapped by everything you touch in your house. If you are taking care of your dryness, have you stopped to think about your plants and trees needing the same treatment?

I put this out every year, but have to say it again. Water during the winter! We have had such a dry season, and although there is finally snow on the ground, I hope you had watered during September -January, because boy, did those plants need it! If you didn't, no time to start like the present. If we have a dry winter, I always suggest for people to take 5 gallon buckets and drill a small hole in the bottom. Then place the bucket at the base of the tree or near the base. Fill with water. The water will slowly seep into the ground, ensuring you that the tree is getting at least five gallons of water. For the larger trees, I put two buckets down. If it is really dry and the weather highs have been above normal, I will water twice a month. If we had some moisture, then just once. If we have a very wet winter, I do not water at all. If the ground is frozen, I wait until we have a few days of warmer weather before attempting to water at all. I currently have 14 trees and 4 buckets that I distributed around the yard.

This has saved landscapes. While your neighborhood's trees are dead all around you, yours will be lush and healthy in the spring! I also water my shrubs and perennials with a hose.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moving on to other things

The boys start back at school today.  Brian always jokes around that there is a collective celebration from mom's everywhere after vacation.  i am not rejoicing, we had a good vacation, but I can say I am looking forward to not having to figure out lunches. Can you believe it? That's my only gripe!  Rarely do the boys want the same thing (unless it is fast food) so it is always a chore to pick it out. Plus, with it being so cold outside, they haven't had a lot of activity. Just those damn computer and PS 3 games.  We did play Bop It for hours, but that isn't physical.

Today I will be heading out to Costco with a friend as I have to buy a years supply of Zyrtec for Riordan. We went to get his allergy testing and found out he is allergic to tumbleweeds, grasses, molds, dogs and cats.  There are some other things that showed up as 1's and 2's, which she said could produce higher allergies later. I am hoping he just grows out of the asthma from his allergies!

I am starting to look at the pros and cons of bamboo flooring again.  We have hesitated getting new flooring because we know eventually we will be remodeling our kitchen, and I want to find a flooring that we can match up with the kitchen later.  Or add to if we do any major remodeling.  Our biggest con is the way it scratches, and with a dog that has long claws (even after they are trimmed, she has a long quick), I fear that my OCD will go into overdrive with any type of scratch!  I just know the carpet has got to go downstairs.  It's interesting to read up on bamboo.  I know it's environmentally friendly, as the bamboo grows so quickly, but I didn't know about the dangers of formaldehyde from some manufacturers, or about the labor in China can be seriously WRONG.  So, I get to ask about that when looking at different manufacturers.  I also know I don't like the bleached bamboo look, but the stained look.  Other than that, we are starting from scratch.  Brian wants to install it (one of the easiest to install) but I am looking at how much it would cost to have someone install it for us, just as a backup.

Other than that, the only other big project we will do this spring is putting our patio in.  FINALLY.  So, I am also trying to get quotes on that project, too.

Off to wake up the boys!  Here's hoping they don't protest too much!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another one bites the dust! Goodbye 2010!

Happy New Year! The New Year doesn't mean much as I don't make resolutions, don't stay up until midnight, and don't drink on New Years Eve. However, it's the start of new seasons, new beginnings in other areas, so I say again...Happy New Year!

Today my two younger children had school for two hours for assessment testing and then they are off again tomorrow. They already had two weeks off previously!  How do working parents manage? I am not sure, but it probably involves working something out with day care. How do they get them to school and back with the day care?  More than I would want to deal with!  It was nice to have a nice breather, whatever reason.  Ran around and did errands like a mad woman with the two hours I had, as the oldest IS back in school.

Christmas, Riordan's Birthday and New Years went well. We had a lovely dinner at our house with my parents for Christmas. Dad had made some videos that included Riordan as a baby, along with some other festivities. Video captures so much more! A lot of fun for all of us to watch. Mom tricked me and put a heavy brick along with my present, so we had a good laugh over that. (I had asked for a giftcard) ha! This year was especially special because the boys really put in some thought about what to get me this year. It brought tears to my eyes!

For Christmas Eve we went to our old church. It's the first time I have been in the church where I didn't feel anger. Lovely service and I was glad we went.  Not sure if I'm ready to go back there continuously, but I would listen to another sermon by the new pastor.

Although I didn't make any resolutions, I did tell myself I would write more in this blog rather than my private one.  I am writing almost daily there, but just needed a break from making sure what I wrote was fitting for others eyes.  It was nice just to WRITE.  Anyway, I hope to be writing here more often. 

In a few days Brian and I will be celebrating our 16th Anniversary.  16 years.  Wow.  I even have a hard time imagining so much time has passed.  We sit in bed and recall things from the earlier years and when we were dating and although look back fondly...we are so glad we are where we are today. 

Here's wishing you a prosperous New Year.  I pray for better news daily, my mom's continued good health, the job market to get better, the boys to stay healthy and for my hubby and I to make it to another year. ;)