Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We have a teenager. That explains so much to so many. I am at this point where I wonder if I change tactics or keep on keepin on. I value the idea to allow him to speak his mind, but at what point does it become disrespectful to the parent? Same attitude, everyday. I love him with every ounce of my being. He is a joy to me in so many ways. Is it wrong for me to want to ship him off until he's 22? How to instill the idea to do for others because it makes them happy? Is this where someone points out that he is a teenager and the world revolves around him? Do I just accept that and wait until this stage is over?

I love it that he has the mentality that "they will like me for who I am or it's their loss". I love it that he has his own taste in music, his own career path, his own WAY. If he could just give with a happy heart. Is that a parenting failure or something that just IS? I tell my friends to not compare their children. Each one has their own personality. I have a people pleaser who wants to make others happy, a headstrong who says stay outta my way and a lover who is happy when others are happy. Trying to figure out discipline styles for each one while establishing and nurturing their love language is so hard!

I see all around me couples having babies and the only advice I have to them is to be consistent and love them deeply. This is the easy part. ;)