Thursday, March 18, 2010

The month of March and all that comes with it.

I have started working again!  Yay!  My body says, "Booo!"  Feeling the burn in every inch of my body, but that is normal.  It's interesting how before I would hate the feeling, and this time I know it's because I am working out my muscles, getting my body in shape.  I just might be ready for time at the gym. 

This past week I have been moving shrubs out of the protective hoop houses and out into our display area.  I love working on this project because there is order and consistency while working with my coworker Lisa.  Yesterday we received our perennial plugs to start in containers.  I get to see each and every perennial that comes in and salivate over all of the types.  Davey did a GREAT job at picking out perennials this year.  Lots of color variations.  Also different types for dry areas and wet.  I gave him a hard time because this year, instead of going crazy with buying perennials, the plan was to save money for hardwood floors.  Not nearly as much fun, but something that needs to be done!  In the meantime, I am seeing beautiful roses and perennials that make my fingers itch to plant!  We also have a great selection of seeds for the garden, including a lot of heirloom varieties.  I plan on starting some plants when I return from the mountains.

This weekend the family is traveling to Silverthorne, CO for our best friend's wedding.  Our friend Gus and his fiance Stacey (whom I LOVE) will be tying the knot.  We have a winter storm coming in, so we're trying to figure out travel arrangements getting up there.  The plan was to leave the boys at home (they have school on Friday) and then have my parents pick them up on their way up on Saturday.  My aunt happens to be coming in from Kansas City on Friday, so she was planning on staying at our house Friday night with the boys.  I still have no idea if this will work, so I am biting my nails as I wait for the outcome.  Due to the weather, my aunt could be late (which would mean the boys would be on their own, which I don't like), and my mom and dad might not come to the wedding at all.  The boys HAVE to be there, so Brian is talking of driving back down on Saturday to get them, and then coming back up for the wedding!!  Yikes!!  The major part of the storm is on Friday, right when we're driving up there.  This could make for an exciting weekend!

Today the plan is getting pedicures with Stacey and then watching Riordan in his "Barnyard Moosical" at the school.  He has been singing the songs for months now and is so excited for tonight!!  I am hoping to take some video clips to share on my blog.  Brian will be attending Gus' bachelor party, so who knows when I will see him again....;)

As for my health update...all in all I am better.  I still cannot eat anything fried (which isn't much of a loss) and also extremely spicy foods cause me pain.  However, I am able to eat everything else without problems.  I am hoping that my doctor's idea of a supplement will help me digest foods easier, so my life gets back on track.  Seeing the chiropractor has completely gotten rid of the tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, and I now am on a every two week schedule to see him (although I made an appointment for today because I need to be readjusted after starting work...ha!)  I would like to ask the doctor how I can have pain exactly where my gallbladder USED to be, when it's not there anymore.  It's weird.

After the wedding is done, I am looking forward to my birthday (okay, celebrating it, not the actual number going up) and then it's Daegan's birthday.  Lots of things to look forward to in the upcoming months!!!