Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As it's snowing outside, I am just telling myself to go around and look at my gardens to see splashes of color here and there. My crocuses are up, and my bulbs are peeking through the ground. Is it spring yet?? I am so ready for it this year!!

Brian and I have had a busy weekend. We've been getting our trailer essentials and loading them in. After a wonderful trip to Target, we are now set with dishes. Since I keep everything, all of our bedding is set. There are just a few more items, and then we are ready for our first trip. I am hoping it warms up a little more before we head out! Destination...not sure yet. We are thinking Boyd Lake, but haven't made up our minds.

We get to have dinner over at mom and dad's. Since I worked the past few weeks, I haven't had time to visit much with them. A couple of Sunday's ago I went to listen to my father preach and then had lunch with them afterward. It was nice to see them and just spend time with them. I miss them a lot.

Ah. Work. It's going well. I started earlier than I usually do and potted up hundreds of roses in a short time. About 120-125 in one day. I will be having down time because a coworker is back, so I am going to try to keep using my muscles so they don't go in shock again. It would be a lot easier if it were warm!! Not sure what my schedule will be like. It's all up in the air right now, just like every year.

Things to pay attention to in your gardens. With the warmer weather this week, I would water again (of course) and about day 3 of warm weather, you can even fertilize. March-April is when I normally do it, but you can wait until May. I just noticed that when I fertilize a little earlier, the bugs seem to stay away more often. A healthier tree they do not like!! Also, make sure your iris beds are cleaned up. This is the time where fungus and bugs start going crazy. Pretty much clean up is starting...just keep the mulch around things that the cold air could hurt. I still don't prune my roses until April-May.

This weekend I will be planting spinach, beans, onions and lettuce and different intervals to get started on the crops. So excited to have fresh produce again!!

Here's to a happy, work filled spring! I can feel it!

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