Monday, January 26, 2009

Missing out

I miss my mom. I haven't seen her since her last chemo treatment because she wasn't feeling great the first week after and then my kids have been sick the last couple of weeks.

Now I think I'm coming down with a cold. I just feel like the only thing I can do to help out is to go with her to her chemo appointment and now I have to miss that. I know dad will be there, but it will be her longest chemo treatment (6 hours) and I hate to miss it. However, talking to mom made me feel a bit better because she knows and I know that it would be terrible for me to go to the cancer treatment center with a cold. I could get a lot of cancer patients sick.

I know I've said it before, but I can't stand that they live so far away. With Riordan in school only half day, I can't just make a run over there, it takes 40 minutes to get there and 40 minutes to get back, and Riordan is only gone for 3 hours. Not enough time.

I also missed celebrating my dad's birthday. He needs some joy and some time off. I'm thinking of going to see Push with him, but I know he's afraid to leave mom for too long.

Brian was sick all day today and sleeping a lot. I didn't get too much done for fear my normal activities would wake him. When he gets sick, it really wipes him out. I'm tired of colds and just wish that everyone would get better!!

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