Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm done with the jury duty so I can speak now. In a nutshell, it was a case about a woman who had two dogs that got out in the late evening without her knowledge and scared her neighbor. The neighbor called the cops to see if they could round up the dogs so they wouldn't terrify anyone else and when the cop found the dogs, one of the dogs ran right up to the cop, lunged at the cop, and the cop shot the dog.

Was the owner responsible for the dogs getting out of the house? There wasn't enough evidence to show she was. Was one of the dogs "vicious"? Well, it lunged at the cop and bit at his foot, so, it fit the legal description of vicious. 6 counts, only one guilty.

Minus the amount of time involved and the duplicity of testimonies, I really enjoyed the whole process. For those that try to get out of jury duty, I would suggest doing it once. I was really surprised the attorney's picked me due to what happened in the past with one of my dogs, but, hey, maybe they thought I'd be more impartial. I don't know.

I talked to mom last night. She's been doing great. For the past week she's been having problems sleeping and when she met with the doctor, she talked about what other drugs she could take to help her sleep. Mom is taking so many she was afraid to mix one more into the bunch. With the help of a strong sleep aid, she was able to sleep the night before last and felt a lot better yesterday. She even walked over to a neighbor's house and visited. She's definitely feeling cabin fever, and I just hope she can start getting out before next week when she has chemo again. All of her tests came back great. Her blood count is good. It seems the chemo mix is the way to go. She's also a lot more upbeat, which is wonderful. She has so many people telling her not to give up, and giving her stories of survivors...she's not ready to throw in the towel.

I'm supposed to meet with a friend of mine for coffee today and have to cancel
(this is like the fifth time) because Riordan has a fever and was up all night. I'm hoping he's just catching a cold and it's not anything worse than that. I'm exhausted because I was up all night with him. He wanted me to lay down in his bed to help him fall back asleep. I have GOT to get that boy a better mattress. I have no idea how he sleeps on that thing. My sides, shoulder and back hurt from the amount of time I spent on it!!! Because Riordan has a fever, I will have to put off visiting my mom with the boys. She can't be around sickness while doing the chemo. My dad's birthday was on Monday, and I wanted to go see them this weekend. Not sure what will happen.

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