Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's that time of year

Seed, flower, bulb and shrub catalogs are pouring in. It's like Christmas everyday when I go to check the mail! It's hard, because I know most of my perennial and shrub buying will be from Picadilly rather than anywhere else (can anyone say HUGE discounts?) but I love to get ideas for the new year, and I also love to share new plants with my boss, Davey.

With the snow falling, and it currently being in the teens, I pour over the catalogs wishing it was time to plant!! I love finding new varieties of used and tried plants. Any variety of agastache catches my eye. So drought tolerant, and a very long blooming time. Plus, the hummingbirds cannot stay away from it!! is a great place to buy different varieties of agastache if it's a favorite of yours!

Agastache "Ava"

Agastache "Acapulco Orange"

I'm also very excited to see the new bulbs that I planted last fall. I know I have a bit until they start poking up, but seeing the shoots barely poking out of the ground gives me great pleasure and the hope that winter is almost done!

I will also be planting more groundcovers in the spring to go around my bulbs. Too much mulch and not enough flowers. A couple that I have been reading about is the alyssum montanam which is a beautiful yellow gold.

Another is a type of Veronica that is a nice light purple which will be a great contrast to the orange from the Juan tulip that I posted up above.

Seriously people, I cannot wait 'til spring!! I'm designing. I'm inspired. Just get here all ready!!!

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