Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What are the odds?

Today has been...interesting. Not all in a good way, not all in a bad. Quite the mixture of news. First off, I had jury duty today. I went in thinking there was no way they'd pick me, and out of 20, 3 were chosen with me as one of them. Insane. I've never even had a notice for jury duty, and to be picked the first time was a shot in the dark. I'm enjoying it immensely and will be going back tomorrow.

Secondly, I received a phone call from my MIL. Her mother was in the hospital because of heart problems and would be receiving a pacemaker. I then get a text message from my MIL while waiting for jury selection that a good friend of the family passed away during the night. Devastating. I then find out that my SIL's grandmother had a heart attack (but was recovering). All of this transpired in 12 hours.

Brian tells me he's getting a Lotto ticket because, well, it's been an interesting day.

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Nancy said...

Holy cow. That's a lot thrown at you at one time.

Did you get that ticket??

btw, there's something for you on my blog :)