Friday, January 30, 2009

2nd Chemo treatment

As I said in an earlier blog, it was a 6 hour treatment that also involved the clinical trial of Avastin. She used a topical ointment to numb her skin over her port, so the hooking up of the IV was a breeze this time...yay! She started having problems pretty soon after taking the Taxol with her legs. First it felt like restless legs, and then the pain came. Sharp pains that effects her knees and legs. Her Taxol treatment is a total of 3 hours, so she was pretty miserable during that, but the other two treatments went fine. She was told she could take a half of a percoset if needed next treatment. I was not able to go due to the fact that I still wasn't sure if I was carrying a virus with me. Mom and dad were exhausted, but mom's not able to sleep well due to the steroid that they give. She doesn't sleep well for the first week after treatment.

Yesterday and today she's been feeling fine. Tomorrow is when things might start acting up. I will be heading out there tomorrow morning because I can't stand staying away any longer!! If you have messages you'd like to leave her, write them here and I'll print them out!

Mom's spirits are up and down which is, of course, completely normal. I just pray that her heart is lifted and she still feels the support she desperately needs during this time.

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Nancy said...

Ooops! I'm too late - but I wanted to say that we're thinking of you guys and sending warm fuzzies.