Friday, January 23, 2009


I talked to my mom a bit the other day about prayer and praying to God that the cancer will go away. She hesitated a bit and said she was unsure to pray for that. We, as believers, talk about praying to God and asking things "according to his will". I, and my mom, have lost a LOT of people to cancer, and they were GOOD people. Fantastic people. People who died too early. It just didn't make sense. We sat over these people and prayed for them daily. Prayed that their cancer would go away. Is this how He wants us to pray????

So, when I pray, I pray that God will keep my mom's spirits up. I pray and beg to Him that my mom has more ministries to give here on Earth than up in Heaven. I pray that my dad can stay strong and will be able to deal with whatever comes his way.

According to His will.

God has a plan for each and everyone of us. We have no inkling what His plan is when it comes to our personal lives. We have to have the belief that He is in control over the situation and we just need to hang on for the ride.

On that note, please keep my friends Lena and Paul in your prayers. Their son goes in for surgery today. He is a baby who will be going under anesthesia.

Dear Lord, I pray that you calm my friend's Lena heart and mind. I pray that baby Austin's surgery goes quickly and effortlessly. I pray that she is surrounded by caring nurses that will say the right things to Lena to help her during the time where she cannot be with Austin. Please, Lord, hear my prayer. I pray this all in your son, Jesus Christ's, name. Amen.