Sunday, April 5, 2009


Riordan and I went to McDonald's the other day so he could play on the playground and release some of his never ending energy. During the meal, he started to rock out (not sure what led to this, but I had to take a picture to share with his daddy and Uncle Gus). I texted it to Brian and then emailed it to Gus. Gus sent back this picture:

Even from thousands of miles away, Gus still can make me laugh...I miss him so much! Gus will actually be on leave sometime starting next week for the next two weeks. He's going to Germany and meeting his girlfriend. Stacey is all kinds of excited, and Gus sounds like this will be a much needed vacatiion. Remember, he's not allowed to leave the compound (I think that's the right word) so he's been stuck on a very small part of the world for months and months. Since he's more in danger of getting hurt on the plane than where he's stationed, I say a quick prayer for him that he and Stacey have safe travels. I love you, buddy.

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Nancy said...

LOL I was wondering where that picture came from :)