Thursday, April 2, 2009


First off, I want to thank everyone for the kind birthday) wishes via email and telephone. It really meant a lot to me this year. I haven't had too hard of a time turning 34 (maybe when I pass the 35 hump, it'll be harder) but it freaked me out when Brian started talking about his twenty year reunion coming up in two years which means mine is coming up in four. HOLY COW!!! This blows me away. It's been 16 years since I graduated high school? BOOM...I felt old.

Brian and I spent the day together on my actual birthday. We went to test drive the Toyata Venza just for fun, walked around the booming city of Longmont, met with my parents for lunch and then went to one of my favorite places to shop...The Flower Bin. I actually didn't end up buying anything, but I sure love to look around. It was so nice to be able to talk to Brian without the constant interruptions from the kids.

Today is Daegan's 9th birthday. We're doing our family celebration tonight, and then he's having a party at the roller skating rink on Sunday. We've never invited so many kids to a party before, and I hope they all can come. Daegan is very senstitive about things like that.

I remember the day Daegan was born. Since I had been induced with Corrin, I wasn't sure what actual contractions felt like that meant he was coming. I had had contractions with Daegan since I was 33 weeks pregnant, so I wasn't sure. We were with Kaiser at the time, and I remember telling Brian that we should stop by there before heading to the hospital because I was afraid if I wasn't in labor, our hospital fee would be outrageous! So, here I was, concerned about the contractions and we stop to be checked out. Some Joe Schmoe brought me into a private room, checked me out, and said, "Oh yeah, you're ready, time to go to the hospital!" So, we drove to Denver and went to the hospital. Checked in, did all of that, and then the doctor came in a checked me out., I was hardly dilated. No more than I had been the previous week when the checked. So, we waited around, waited...not wanting to go home. I believe the doctor took pity on me, because she removed my plug...and made things happen.

There was a snow storm happening, and quite a few people had quite a drive to get to Denver, so we kept putting off calling our family until we knew for sure Daegan was coming. Once the doctor said, "Oh yeah, she's getting somewhere now, I can tell by how she's hugging the wall as she walks through the hall" Brian called our parents. By the time my mom and dad got there, I had received my epidural and all things were great. Epidural FTW!!

When Daegan was born, he was 8 lbs. 13 oz with the biggest sized head I had ever seen. :P Perfectly formed, looked like a 2 month old!!

Seems like yesterday he was born. Time flies so quickly!

Happy Birthday Daegan!

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