Monday, April 27, 2009


I tell you, if you wish for something hard enough, it bites you in the ass. We've been wanting moisture because we just didn't get enough during the winter...and it's been crazy with the ups and downs of temps. I don't think this year will be a good one for my gardens. Things are either flattened by the snow, or freeze tipped, or....

I went outside and shook my flowering Mt. St. Helen's Plum. It's a newbie, so all of the branches were completely bent over. So were the branches on my serviceberry, my prunus cistena and my lilac. Ugh! I KNEW I should have taken pictures yesterday!! Bye, bye blooms!

And...what's with the beautiful weather during the week, and crappy weather on the weekends? We've got STUFF to do!! Things to sell! Places we want to go! But NO. Rain, wind,'s enough to make me want to move to Arizona.

Okay, I'm done ranting. I just want warmer weather. Please?


Drift said...

I'll give you 5ยบ if you ask nicely ; )

Heather said...

Pretty, pretty please? I'd rather have 10