Monday, December 15, 2008

What a blur this past weekend was. So much planned and so little accomplished. Last night I had the plummeting of the stomach because I realized I had not done any laundry this weekend which is a disaster in my house. On Friday night, I went over to my friends house. We try to have a girls night out about once a month to catch up on what is going on in each other's lives. We played Hearts which is the only game that I'm ever competitive in and had a glass of wine. I love this time because we laugh, cry, cuss, and just let loose. I can't believe I went 32 years without girls night out.

On Saturday, Brian, Daegan and I went shopping in the morning. Spirits were up because most people were still safely home in their beds. We got some incredible deals on some items and came home. I then went out again to a nearby city and did some more shopping. As I sat in my car, I listened to some praise music while everyone else was stressed out, laying their hands on their horns and holding their heads in misery. I turned up the music and tried to let the cacophony around me diminish. I came home about two hours later than I had planned on to an empty house because Brian had taken two of the boys shopping for my Christmas present. :) Saturday night there was the Festival of Lights. I was so tired from the shopping and had made plans to go to a party at a friends that I stayed home and let Brian take the younger two to watch the floats. I then went to the party. It was...a bit weird. These are people all from my old church that I hadn't seen since July. They all wanted to know how the family was and what I had been doing. None of them asked if I was coming back, but told me they missed me. I missed every single one of them, but will not be returning to that church.

On Sunday, it was time to try to finish the homemade presents that the boys were making. Complete chaos, but of the good kind. Everyone finished their presents except Corrin (he went out to see a movie with his grandpa). All we could do was huddle up in the house because it's been so cold outside. After trying to finish the presents again after naptime, everyone had lost interest in the projects, so it was a "Go, team, go" afternoon.

I talked to my dad a few times on the phone. On Friday, mom had her port installed for the chemo. A short surgery that had her out for about 45 minutes. They also gave her Percoset for the muscle spasms she's been enduring, so she was out every time I called. I'm hoping that the medication works and let's her body heal. She really wants to feel better before Christmas. They have decided on an oncologist that is located in Ft. Collins. A specialist that has worked with patients with ovarian cancer a lot more than other oncologists. Dad is still working on findng the "right" treatment. They have decided to start mom's chemo after Christmas. Mom has informed me she wants me to shave her head before she starts chemo. I think I can do it...

Today has a high of 10, I think. I'll be spending most of the day driving the boys to and from school.

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