Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking care

I've been dealing with back pain on and off for about a year. Certain ways I move will move me to tears. More of a sharp, stabbing pain, and then would go away. Now, it's hurting all of the time, and makes it nearly impossible to bend down to get anything.

My friend told me that I'm really good at taking care of my kids, but am crappy at taking care of myself. I agreed and then went to the Chiropractor today. It's not that great of news. I've got several discs turned, and she needs to adjust me 3 times a week for awhile. I have to have this taken care of before I start back at Picadilly, so I'm feeling a severe time crunch. I shouldn't have let it go as long as I did. The doctor also saw the early signs of arthritis in my back which scares me. I rely on my back for too many things, and can't have chronic pain!!

The doctor also saw "vein like things" in my lungs when she took an xray and she has no idea what they are, so she sent my xrays to be examined. This freaks me out on a whole other level.

I'm hoping it's nothing, but with cancer all around me, it is, of course, the thing I worry about the most.

Anyway, my back felt great for the first 5 hours of adjusting, so hopefully, it will only get better. She also said that because of certain nerves being pressed down, this could explain my severe cramps and headaches. I might...MIGHT be a new woman after all of this is over. I can only hope!

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