Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3rd round chemo

Today I spent the day at the Front Range Cancer Center hanging with mom, Aunt Marsha and dad for 6 hours. We're half way done. Only 3 more to go of the heavy chemo, and then 16 more Avastin treatments (if she's getting Avastin...we're still not sure).

Things went much better this time; she had taken a Percocet and had no pain in her legs. I have to say that I'm on pins and needles because I still am not sure mom will continue with the heavy amounts of Taxol in her body. I keep waiting for her to say, "enough is enough" and ask to lower the dosage and we know it's working because her CA 125 counts were in the 40's compared to the hundreds!! Great news!! I know it is her decision and will support her no matter what, but I want the chemo to kill the "son's of bitches" and quickly.

Mom has another Cat Scan coming up and I can tell she's afraid they'll find more cancer. The last one she had was when they found the fluid in her lungs with cancerous cells, so I can't say I blame her for worrying. I just pray that it will go fine and they don't find anything. She needs some good see the chemo is worth the hell that it brings.

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Nancy said...

*hug* thinking of you!!