Friday, February 20, 2009

Stages of spring

Yesterday was beautiful. I went outside after cleaning my office, and walked around to see any signs of life out in my gardens. Daffodils poking through, hyacinths showing makes my heart flutter because I know spring is just around the corner. One thing that I just adore about bulbs is that you sometimes forget where you planted them year to year, and all of a sudden, there's one in the most unexpected place!

I have major cleanup to do in my gardens. I cut down a few things in the fall, but left everything else up to help with winter cover. I've been putting clean up off because I've been thinking of starting a compost pile, and there would be tons to add to the pile. After talking about it with my father, I still think getting the barrel might be the best idea, but those things aren't cheap!! In the long run, it really does save you money (with my gardens being as big as they are, composting every summer can cost some serious bucks) I think it will be one of my first purchases after I work at Picadilly for a month. I was lucky enough to attend a compost class at the Pro Green expo, so I have a better idea on how to make it work. Now it's just starting the darn thing.

I still haven't finished designing my back yard. I've been looking at all of the plants, but haven't come up with a design that will work. When I buy plants, I look for the ones that will be happy where they are, so there's less upkeep from me. Since I am buying for my back yard, it's taken me longer because I haven't spent as much time back there to see the sun patterns to know how much sunlight each section gets. I know that as soon as we build our deck, I will be spending a lot more time out there, but unless I decide my design, what's the point? There won't be anything to look at!! I do know there is a section of my garden that gets shade from morning to night, and I'm very excited to buy plants that I've never been able to get before. Astilbe, hosta, brunnera. All are plants that I've adored, but never have bought. I also have a million and one columbine that I'm interested in buying. The space isn't big enough for the amount of plants I would like over there. That seems to always be the issue. ;)

After working at Picadilly for two years, I've fallen in love with a lot of shrubs because they have such interesting foliage. When buying shrubs, the good thing about them is they are a bit more resiliant and aren't as picky where you place them. Decisions, decisions!!

It's been fun talking about gardening with my father again. He is the one that got me interested in perennials in the first place. He thinks he'll actually have time to tend his gardens this year, and is happily circling plants he's interested in. If a gardener surrounds him or herself with other gardeners, they know they'll never be without choices in flowers, because there's always a time where that gardener needs to cut and divide their plants. So, dad and I are talking about what we have and what we want for later years to swap.

Ahh, I cannot wait to feel the soil in my hands.

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