Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eye opening

I stumbled over a writing that my husband wrote in a blog. Yeah, a blog. He never told me he had a blog (probably because there were only three entries...but I digress).

I'm making this public not to humiliate (NEVER THAT!!) but to prove that what I say is what I mean. You know I never lie.

Yeah, he's stubborn. Yeah, he's got an attitude. Yeah, he's got a big mouth. However, he's sweet, and kind and loving and looks up to you for everything. You are his dad. You are who he needs acceptance from and a biting remark can dwindle him to nothing. He acts defensive not because that is who he is, but that is how he deals.

Love him for WHO HE IS, even though he is just like you. You may never learn to love yourself, but love the best of him, because that is the best of you.

Be proud of him. He is good.

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