Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Brian has an interview today and I think I'm more nervous than he is!! It's been a wild ride the past few months and with this interview, it could be the start of change. He's still enjoying working for Janus, but we never know how long that will go...and we're particular about how much salary he makes to cover our expenses. I am more than willing to work more hours (especially since Riordan will be going to school full time starting in the fall) but Brian is trying to carry all of the burden on himself.

In these times, we do what we have to do. Brian has been very good with interviews in the past, and I hope he shines in this one.

Prayers would be GREAT!!


Nancy said...

Thinking of you guys! Let us know...

Colorado Shelton Family said...

So hoping it goes well for you guys! Praying for you all! :-)