Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got the news today

It's official from my mom's doctor. She is in remission. I'm ecstatic! Mom is, of course, happy to hear the news, but is wondering how to not have the word "cancer" hang over your head when there is a possibility that it'll come back. Any words of encouragement...advice?

I am so freaking happy.


Stacy said...

Heather that is fantastic news! You must be so relieved.

Heather said...

I am! Such a long 7 months. I thank God that the news was good!

Nancy said...

Doing a little happy dance!! :) :)

Gus said...

You'd like some advice? Here it is kiddo:

Live. Live knowing that it could come back. COULD. Not WILL. Live so that you will never have any regrets. Help her and your Dad live so that they will never have any regrets. Everytime you think, "Oh, I'll do that with her/for her tomorrow", stop, take a deep breath, smack yourself upside the head, hard, and then go do it with/for her. Make sure that EVERY LAST MEMORY you will ever have of your Mom brings a smile to your face, and not a tear and the thought of "God, I wish I had....."

All that said darlin', I'm ecstatic for you and for her and for your Dad. Please let them both know how happy and relieved I am for them. I will sleep better tonight knowing this.

Love to you and them,