Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boys and blessings

On this day I usually go out with my mom and we buy annuals. It's what we have done for the past 4-5 years. We hit Home Depot and then the Flower Bin, load our cars up with flowers, and then have lunch afterwards. Even though I'll miss that this year, I'm very excited for what will happen today. Mom and dad are coming over and watching the boys help me plant my garden. I'm not sure how the boys feel about that (work? ahhhh, MOM!) but they will do it because I told them that's what I want to happen today.

As I think about all of my pregnancies, and the fact that I have three boys, I marvel at how far I've come in my mommy process of not having a little girl. Since my mother and I are so close, I wanted a little girl...BADLY. But as I am around little girls with their squealing as younger children, and their attitudes as teenagers, I believe God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with three sons.

Bodily functions make me laugh. I am the worst at NOT laughing when one of my son's fart at the table. It's hilarious. We are trying to teach them to be polite, but the sound of a good rip on our wooden chairs always makes me laugh. This is the same when they burp. I have to control myself to not say, "GOOD ONE!" I, myself, am always proud of a good, long, loud burp.

I do not have to worry about them getting into my closet and stealing my clothes. Enough said.

They don't worry about getting their nails dirty while working with me in the garden.

When they get hurt, all I have to say is, "Are you bleeding...dying? If not, suck it up!" Usually this ends the crying. This doesn't work on little girls from my own experiences.

I can watch action movies and my boys enjoy them.

Little block-like things that snap together can provide hours of entertainment.

Guitar Hero World tour is a family event.

They are fine with wearing the same pair of jeans more than once.

Color coordinating? Yeah, what's that?

When I get a kiss from my eldest, it's like a prize to me. He's at the age where it's cool to ignore the parentals.

They can lift heavy things for me.

Killing spiders is a work of art.

They all want to marry someone exactly like me. (I'm sure this is only temporary)

They don't care if I leave the house looking like death warmed over.

Yeah, life is good!!

*Disclaimer* I'm sure having little girls has it's benefits, too. I have convinced myself I don't need one.

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mlc said...

What a nice mother's day blog. I can count my blessings. I had two boys, decided to stop--but the good Lord said Low and Behold--and here came number three-my daughter. I love them all dearly-they are each very different and mostly grown up now.
Keep on loving those boys!