Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I can move again...

I worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week. It's taken me awhile to be able to move again. I laugh about it, but am pretty annoyed that I am so out of shape. I've got to remember to do things during the winter time so my entire body doesn't hurt the first few months back at Picadilly.

I still love working there. I go around the perennials and make sure each and everyone of them is coming back from dormancy. Some of them don't, and I feel so sad when I have to dump them out into the compost pile. Davey's been ordering some more things, and we've been having deliveries the past several days. There's an excitement...we're almost ready!!

I wasn't scheduled to come in on Saturday, but we decided it was probably a good idea for me to come in, and it WAS. We were slammed. I didn't even look at my watch until a quarter til 3:00!!

On Saturday night, we went out with my boss, his wife, a coworker and some of her friends to the Impulse Theater. It's a fun place to go. Improv comedy at it's finest. Well...not quite FINEST, but very entertaining. On Sunday, the entire fam went over to our friend Stacey's house for dinner. She cooked Thai food and it was yummy!

We've had incredible weather outside so I've been pruning and cleaning and digging and dividing. Maybe this is why I'm still sore?? Today I spent most of the day inside working on my other job. My eyes kept looking outside...staring wistfully. I can't help it, I have extreme Spring Fever.

Mom had her chemo today and it sounded like it went well. I called her around 11:00 and found out that dad dropped her off because he thinks he's getting a cold. I really wish they would have called me, I would have stayed with her, but she ended up sleeping for a lot of the day anyway, so I guess it worked out okay. Mom goes back to the center for the shot for her white cell count boost tomorrow. Then I'll go over there on Sunday to be with her while dad is gone. Only TWO more to go!!!

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