Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chemo 4?

This week has been a rough one. Mom had her CT scan on Monday and I've been jittery and impatient to get the results. I don't talk a lot about the fear because it's always hard to express. Mom called me yesterday to make sure I wasn't going to her chemo because her white blood counts were low and they weren't going to give it to her this week. I was concerned for how she would take this news, but she is fine with it "another week where I can eat what I want". Ha ha. We also received the results of her CT scan. There is still a bit of fluid on the bottom part outside of her lung. We're guessing when they drained her, it didn't get it all out. As far as we know, it hasn't effected her breathing, and the doctor will continue to monitor it throughout the chemo. Mom also had a lymph node that was smaller...something else to keep tabs on. When I heard "lymph node" my breath started to come in and out fast. I know that when it hits the lymph nodes it can be very bad, but dad assured me it was a good CT scan. The doctors have decided to give mom a shot after her chemo to help her white cells work faster at reproducing. With this could come more leg pain, and that makes everyone wary, but she has to have the chemo...

We've decided that instead of me going to her chemo rounds, I would come over on Sunday's after chemo and spend time with her. This would allow my dad to go to church and Sunday School, and for mom to be taken care of. Sunday is one of the worst days for mom. Heavy medications and lot of leg pain. Again, the need to help is overwhelming, and I am glad to offer anything to make things better.

I'll be working at Picadilly today and tomorrow. Potting a whole bunch of perennials and maybe even vegetables. It's long, laborous work, but my hands are immersed in the soil so I am happy. A good distraction from the long week.

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