Friday, April 3, 2009

The day after

Poor, poor Daegan. He came home feeling pretty miserable yesterday. Had a low fever and was exhausted. I gave him some Tylenol and let him rest his eyes before dinner. He looked so pained when he heard we were having his favorite meal (spaghetti) and was upset that he wouldn't enjoy it very much. I also had pie ready for him...which he ate, but not with his usual gusto. I let him stay home today so he could take a nap and take it easy. Plus, he was invited to go to a Mammoth game for his birthday with his uncle and aunt and he did NOT want to miss that!! His fever seems to be gone, I'm hoping he takes a nice nap and feels good enough to go tonight.

Yeah, it's probably a bit weird that I let my kids stay home so they can do something fun in the evening...but he was really looking forward to it. My son is everything to me...along with his happiness.

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Nancy said...

It's not weird. . . At least it's not if it doesn't happen daily ;)

I think it teaches kids a nice balance to "break the rules" every once in a while.

I hope he's feeling better!!