Monday, October 13, 2008

Saying goodbye

We all do it. Different reasons, different outcomes, but we all do it. Saying goodbye to me is similar to ripping off a bandaid. If you do it hurts so much all at once, but the pain fades just as fast. Do it slowly, and it draws out the pain, sometimes you might even savor it. The lasting result is damage to the area, but again...the pain fades.

It all seems so unfair. You found the love you've been looking for, and now you have to leave her. You're in a healthy relationship, and it's going to be put to the test. You've been there before, why do you have to go again? I know you're proud, and I love you for it, but I wish you could just say no. This war...I despise it.

I hate saying goodbye to you because even though I know it's safer this time around, there's still a chance that it is final. I'm scared, and I'll miss you, and I love you so very much. How do we go day after day without you around? You're the only friend he's got, he's going to be lonely. I worry about him because he isn't talking about it.

It just isn't fair.

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Cari said...

this person's lucky to have you as a friends ; )

I hate goodbye's. I used all mine up as a child. Now I just avoid them like the plague. Most people take that as coldness on my part...if they only knew...