Friday, October 31, 2008


The outcome left a hole in my stomach. It is indeed cancer. My mom goes in next Wednesday for her surgery. Removing anything and everything that they can. While inside her body, they will look around to see if the cancer has spread.

When meeting with the doctor, they talked to her about genetic testing to see if my mother was predisposed to getting ovarian cancer. If she is, then I need to do testing myself. If I am predisposed, then I have the decision to make if I should remove my ovaries, too. I mentioned this to Brian, and he looked a bit upset. We have decided not to have any more kids, but I think he doesn't like the idea of having surgery before I need to. Would it be needless surgery? I don't believe so. Going through life always wondering if I had it seems needless when they can remove a part of me that I don't need. Do I get a hysterectomy at 33? This is something that I'm not sure I would want to do.

I'm not ready to deal with all of these questions. Just wanting to focus on the matter at hand. The surgery and what else they may find. Mom sounds pretty good. She told me she cried a lot yesterday which was good to ease the tension. I've only cried the day I found out the news. I'm sure it'll hit me later. I'm just in the wait and see mode again until Wednesday.

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