Thursday, January 7, 2010


With the current temps at -4 and the high of only 9, I have to try to reschedule my doctor's appt. The boys can't walk home in this weather. The more I think about how upset I was the day I called to make an appointment, the more I realize I have put up with that doctor's office long enough. If I can't get into another doctor today, I will plead with the current office to fit me in somewhere else. It is such a pain to switch doctors, but since I really got on my mom's case a few years ago to switch, I should follow my own advice. I PAY them to take care of me. I expect better service from them and I shouldn't have to put up with the long times on hold, the longer times waiting in the waiting room, and then the rude behavior from the front office and nurses. Time to switch!

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