Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update Doc #2

Sorry for taking my time to post. I was very fortunate to have my hubby home for four days in a row and made the most of it.

Mom and dad went to meet with Dr. Mary Jo and although a scary meeting for mom, it did shed a little more light on the subject. To put it frankly, surgery is out of the question right now. With the cancer ready to attach onto anything, it's better for it to stay with the lymph nodes rather than move on to other places like lungs and such. So...as of now...no surgery.

Mom will continue to stay on the pill she is taking. We can pray that that will work. How wonderful if she gets her scan and the cancer has diminished!!

They also heard of certain chemo plans that might work better or have less long lasting side effects. Again, a lot of decisions to be made, but as time goes on we fear less about the cancer being back and are now just trying to calm mom's heart about the upcoming chemo (if needed). We worry of neuropathy as mom already has issues with her MS and numbness in fingers and feet when it rises.

I still ask for constant prayer for my mom to not only be healed, but to calm her anxiety. She is really struggling with it. The medicine she is on doesn't seem to be helping all that much. I will be calling her later today and hoping it has curbed a little. Those that deal with anxiety know how it can take over.

Not much more to update than that.

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