Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moving on to other things

The boys start back at school today.  Brian always jokes around that there is a collective celebration from mom's everywhere after vacation.  i am not rejoicing, we had a good vacation, but I can say I am looking forward to not having to figure out lunches. Can you believe it? That's my only gripe!  Rarely do the boys want the same thing (unless it is fast food) so it is always a chore to pick it out. Plus, with it being so cold outside, they haven't had a lot of activity. Just those damn computer and PS 3 games.  We did play Bop It for hours, but that isn't physical.

Today I will be heading out to Costco with a friend as I have to buy a years supply of Zyrtec for Riordan. We went to get his allergy testing and found out he is allergic to tumbleweeds, grasses, molds, dogs and cats.  There are some other things that showed up as 1's and 2's, which she said could produce higher allergies later. I am hoping he just grows out of the asthma from his allergies!

I am starting to look at the pros and cons of bamboo flooring again.  We have hesitated getting new flooring because we know eventually we will be remodeling our kitchen, and I want to find a flooring that we can match up with the kitchen later.  Or add to if we do any major remodeling.  Our biggest con is the way it scratches, and with a dog that has long claws (even after they are trimmed, she has a long quick), I fear that my OCD will go into overdrive with any type of scratch!  I just know the carpet has got to go downstairs.  It's interesting to read up on bamboo.  I know it's environmentally friendly, as the bamboo grows so quickly, but I didn't know about the dangers of formaldehyde from some manufacturers, or about the labor in China can be seriously WRONG.  So, I get to ask about that when looking at different manufacturers.  I also know I don't like the bleached bamboo look, but the stained look.  Other than that, we are starting from scratch.  Brian wants to install it (one of the easiest to install) but I am looking at how much it would cost to have someone install it for us, just as a backup.

Other than that, the only other big project we will do this spring is putting our patio in.  FINALLY.  So, I am also trying to get quotes on that project, too.

Off to wake up the boys!  Here's hoping they don't protest too much!

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