Monday, December 7, 2009


I had a wonderful weekend! I went to the cookie exchange and made a gingerbread house (which is now missing most of its candy, due to the boys) and met some new people. Thanks to Jennifer and Donna for throwing a fun party! I then went to a choir and orchestra concert yesterday and enjoyed hanging out with my family and friend as we listened to it. I love watching my mother-in-law's so very obvious she loves singing because she smiles the entire time. Loved the got me in the Christmas spirit. Riordan loved watching the woman hit the big drum!

The boys and I put up the Christmas tree yesterday, too, so it was a busy day. I am so glad that last year I bought a container that keeps all of the decorations in an easy to pull out way with partitions because in years past I always had to unwrap each decoration before giving it to the boys and it took twice and long and had always ticked the boys off. This time, I just opened the container and the decorations were there to put up! Niiiiiice! No arguing, and the boys love seeing their Christmas oranaments! I've realized that I now need two trees in my house because I have so many decorations that we have gathered throughout the years. I have a fake tree that I can set up...I just have to figure out where it's going to go. It's the "pretty" tree that everything matches. ;)

Daegan has informed Brian and I that he no longer believes in Santa Claus. I asked him why, and he said that Santa's handwriting looks like ours (we've always printed out tags, so I'm not sure where that came from). I just told him that if he believes, his stockings will fill up on Christmas Eve. He told me that years past when he asked Corrin if HE believed in Santa, and Corrin said "not really" that HIS stocking was still filled. I told him that Corrin obviously didn't really mean it and that Santa knew it. It's hard to lie about things like this...but I have one more child in the house that still believes and God forbid his older brother is going to give it away! When Santa is gone, the magic of Christmas morning is gone. :( Christmas Eve and Christmas day is when we talk about Jesus...Christmas morning is all about Santa! I am bummed that Daegan knows the secret, but it lasted longer for him than for Corrin, which I am happy about.


Kara said...

Adam is starting to really notice Santa, and I am soo excited to have Santa alive again. I'm sure it will be so fun to sneak around. I always remember the boys (my brothers) aiding in keeping Santa real for me. I like what you said....Christmas Eve and Day are about Jesus, but Christmas morning is all about Santa. =)

Heather said...

Kara...welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment!

It IS fun sneaking around...but get used to staying up REEEAAAAALLY late on Christmas Eve because the older they get, the longer they want to stay up! My boys wait until we go to bed and then come down and see the unwrapped gifts (from Santa) under the tree. They then check their stockings, eat some candy, and then head back upstairs. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I actually told my daughter there was no Santa recently. I've always hated pretending he was real. My son has known for a few years now but didn't spoil things for her. But this year, after I told her, he said: "Finally!"


Heather said...

You have to go around the you're not lying. I've been lucky that the question, "are you and dad Santa?" has never been asked directly.