Monday, June 8, 2009

Reminder to self...and help with plant ID?

When telling my 6-year-old son to pull weeds, make sure I point out what is a weed and what are seedlings.

Just lost my Alcea rosea 'Nigra'.

On a positive note, I went to go visit my father and finally saw his gardens in early June for the first time. Absolutely breathtaking. He also was kind enough to dig up some plants for me that had volunteered, so I have more digging to do!

Here's a couple of plants he was kind enough to share with me. I know the genus, but not necessarily the exact and was wondering if anyone could help?

I know it's a type of Allium..but what kind?

It's a salvia, but I don't recognize the pink spires after blooming...without the pink stems! Any help?

Here's another pic:


Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Too funny about your son. It's cute that he's helping out with the weeding. Maybe teaching him how to deadhead would be a little less risky. ;) -Jackie

RainGardener said...

Hi Heather, I don't know anything about Alliums but I have a Salvia coming up that my sis gave me and it will be pink. I bought a pink one a week or two ago but it doesn't look as bright as yours. My other (from sis) should be opening soon - the leaf sure looks the same. Ya know what? This won't help a bit because she didn't give me a name on hers. LOL O'well nice try.
By the way you were right on a couple of mine that you helped to ID. The cinquifoil and the Prunella laciniata. Thanks so much for your help - wish I could be of more help for yours.

Heather said...

I've learned my lesson. You're right. Deadheading from now on! LOL. He's such an eager helper, I tried not to look too upset!

RainGardener - That's okay, I'll figure it out eventually. Dad swears it's a May Night, but I own quite a few and have never seen the spires stay pink that way. I know the Cardonna gets pink spires, but it goes all the way down to the stems. I thought this was just as pretty without the flowers as it was with them, and wanted to find more! Thanks for trying!

Heather said...

The salvia does seem to be a Caradonna. Searched and showed it to my boss. It could have been three, and we narrowed it down to that one. Again, what I love about it is the fact that it's pretty even without the blooms on it!

Anonymous said...

Hi again Heather! The yellow allium looks like 'Moly Luteum' ~ I have it in my garden too. I am a new addict to all alliums! I have a huge list of ones to add come fall.
The pink saliva I'm not sure about but sounds like you may have figured that out.