Friday, January 9, 2009

Day One

Mom is doing fantastic. She ate several small meals yesterday without any problems of queasiness. She had more energy than she thought she would. Kept it simple, though, just to make sure she didn't wear herself out. The nurse told her not to sit around and think, "When is it going to happen" but to live her life like she did the day before chemo. She has it in her head that tomorrow will be the day of tireds, so just pray for her today and the rest of the week. I have GOT to make something for them to eat that is light and that has no chicken in it. The nurse told mom that for the tired days, she won't feel like eating, but dad will and I want to make sure there's something there for them to snack on. If anybody has any recipes they'd like to shoot my way that is nutritious and tasty, please do so! I am not a cook, but am willing to try...

Mom and I talked about eating more organically and how expensive it is. How do you choose what foods that you change to organic? Living off retirement does not allow you to spend tons of money on food. Does anyone have any good books out there to help newly transformed dieters?

Yesterday was good for me, too. I didn't do alot and I think that I may have staved off the cold. I'll call my dad this morning to see how mom is doing and then call Karen to see if she still needs help with picking out window treatments. The Lollar's move in date is January 31. How exciting!!

Tomorrow Brian and I have a "day date" with each other. Just the two of us. I'm very excited to be able to have the chance to spend time with him.

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